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What The Debates Taught Us

kmccorma Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 1:48 PM
What the debates proved was that Mr. Hussein is the "angry black man" who was groomed in Jeremiah Wright's church and the streets of Chicago. His handlers who put the words in his mouth via his teleprompter could not help him in a debate where his paper thin talking points could be peeled away and deeper answers were required. Barack was left flailing and looking to the moderator to bail him out by changing the subject. Gov Romney showed that studying and hard work preparing for the debates paid off. You cannot cram for an exam and actually learn the material. John Sununu is correct. Barack Huessin Obama is LAZY. He looks for shortcuts in life and took them all the way to the White House.
John5103 Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 2:33 PM
Obama has never earned any of his success. His only skill is to sell himself as a spokesman for agitated liberals. But this is not Chicago, this is the big time. And now HE is the incumbent the people are dissatisfied with. His lucky streak has run out. Doing nothing, and ceding leadership to others, has produced no results. After four years of cocooning himself away from contact with the real world, now that he finally has to face an opponent and subject himself to scrutiny, his true shallowness is on full display.

The president of the United States in the last debate chose to go on the attack against his challenger, Mitt Romney -- and once again largely failed to convince the American people that he was the more presidential alternative.

But how did the once-messianic incumbent find himself in this fix of playing the catch-up role of a bar-room-brawling challenger rather than a calm and confident president? Despite running ahead in the polls for most of the year, Barack Obama has rarely achieved a 50 percent favorability rating, largely because of four years of dismal economic news. Obama himself had warned us...