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let Obama put the country in a full depression, its where it will go if we just have congress let him do it. No one really bhelieves his way can work, they count on republicans fighting him. THAT WAY he can lie and blame them and the left gets to keep power and suck trillions from you childrens future. They want Obamas way, GIVE IT TO THEM ALL THE WAY. Idiots and insane people are all that really believe that taxing the big guy will work, first HE OWNS THE COMPANY THAT MAKES WHAT YOU BUY, dont you realize YET he will simply raise prices to pay for the extra tax. so Obama is taking from all the poor he CLAIMS TO CARE FOR. WHAT IDIOTS, LET THEM LEARN THE HARD WAY. by 2014 they will want to run every dem from the country
The only way this country survives Obama and ends the GIVE ME EVERYTHING crowd, is that we need to have the republicans GIVE OBAMA what he wants, raise the tax one the rich, and watch what happens when millions of jobs disappear, and when companies put most of their workforce on PART TIME at 28 hrs a week, with NO HEALTHCARE, and then the republicans need to SAY NO TO ANY FURTHER DEBT LIMIT INCREASE, no more borrowing, and when they yell TELL THEM OBAMA SAID HE COULD FIX IT WITH THE TAX RAISE so FIX IT! Oh and when they are all starving and homeless in the street, tell them to go to WASHINGTON and get Obama to feed them, HE SAID HE COULD DO IT.They voted for it GIVE IT TO THEM, its time they all get to suffer for their choices
or even to be killed? court martial for cowardess and conduct unbecoming at least and free trip to leavenworth ks prison. Just ask anyone . and the bronze star for shooting a fleeing dink, really, that was what we were sent there to do, its his job. There is a reason so many HONEST VIET NAM VETS were and still are totally against Kerry. WE KNOW THE TRUTH.He sould be kicked to the curb. but then he is from MASS. almost as bad as CALIF.
I wish everyone would LISTEN to this, Kerry didnt earn either medal, and when you hear about the 4 who served on that boat and stood by him KNEW HIM BEST, I also know of a tank which when they came back from ambush patrol with dead Cong hanging from the end of the main gun ALSO SWORE BY THEIR SARGEANT too. If any one wants to see if Kerry deserved his silver star, first ask yourself WHAT WHOULD HE HAVE BEEN GIVEN IF HE HADNT GONE BACK FOR THE MAN WHO FELL OFF THAT BOAT? HOW ABOUT A COURT MARTIAL. You can ask any, ANY one whos served in the military. ASK THEM THIS, if your going down the road through a war zone with 8 men in a truck and when you hit a bump ONE FALLS OUT and you the captain refuse to go back but leave that man to be capture.
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Petraeus Affair Gets Uglier

kmattson Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 11:12 AM
WOW amd the insanity continues today on Fox General Scales said that WE SHOULD GIVE DAVE TIME, that thursday was too soon for him to testify on Benghazi, that he needs time to get past this, EXCUSE ME BUT $ PEOPLE DIED and his problems are SELF IMPOSED theirs are permenant and caused by HIM AND THE WHITE HOUSE.
So now we know why all the polls were so wrong for the republicans THEY FORGOT TO POLL THE ILLEGAL VOTES IN THEIR CALCULATIONS, dumb of us I see.
And yet we dont need voter ID CHECK it will disenfanchise voters, YEAH illegal and fraudulent voters is all. I believe if you even get 90% of voted in a county there was fraud, but when you have over 140% whats not right, SOMEONE no ALOT OF SOMEONES need to go to JAIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! When they face decades of prison time HTEY WILL RAT OUT THE WHOLE BUNCH THAT SCHEME to defraud AMERICA, probable all the way to the whitehouse .
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5 Possible Picks for Director of the CIA

kmattson Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 12:09 PM
She doesnt even need birth control, no one in his right mind would sleep with her, she might as well be gay.
He wants FORGIVENESS for making a statement which was wrongly said and NOT WHAT HE MEANT, WHOA, just a minute, IF YOU NDONT GIVE THAT TO OTHERS why should anyone give that to you, NO FIRE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Him and all his pals want to JUDGE OTHERS , not only HARSHLY but FALSELY, guess what , I was told that if you judge others THEN THEY CAN JUDGE YOU, and funny thing, you always feel like they are judging you maor harshly than you judged them, TOUGH THAT IS HOW IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish TRUMP would offer that 5 million to anyone who gets the records, not a charity, A REWARD to someone, and then you will see results, and fast.AND ITS STILL NOT TO LATE, when they get a student loan app that OBAMA signed as a foreign born student GAME OVER JAIL FOR EVERY ONE WHO HELPED HIM, and OBAMA CARE GONE as well as EVERY BILL SIGNED BY HIM done by fraud. I would give 25 million if I had it, money way better spent then the billion just wasted this election.
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"Forward" to the Obama Layoffs

kmattson Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 12:28 AM
OH the best one I heard about was when the employees came to work all happy because they voted for Obama and they WON, and then got fired on the spot, and the employer said THEY ARE THE FIRST TO GO why should the others suffer , they didnt vote to screw me.
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