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No that is not right. They may have not own slaves, but they believed in slavery enough to fight and die for it. They also thought of themselves to be above Black people.
And what was his message that is being ignored
I find it funny that people on the right appear to insult Black people, but then think they will turn around and vote Republican.
Tell me this about your messed up logic. If there is such a big preferential treatment in Black hiring and college entry. Why are the numbers so low?
She only writes for white people.
You guys try to blame something on one party or the other. if you truly study history, you will find that over time political parties flip flop. The the south at one time was controlled by Democrats, but now the south is controlled by conservative Republicans. It's a racial attitude in this country not a party.
Let's get history right. Lincoln put boots on the ground to preserve the union, not to end slavery.
You almost had it right until you tried to play the blame game.
I would ask how many whites believe this. Is rthis the general attitude of people on the right or this cite
Ms Parker, when has America been on the RIGHT path of racial equality. People on the right like many others like to pick and choose lines from MLK's speech. Just like they like to pick and choose favor lines of the Bible to support their ideas. Why don't you mention or quote the line in the speech about black life being crippled by segregation and discrimination. How the promise of the Founding Fathers has been like a bounced check.
If Black history was truly taught in American history, there would not be a need for a special time. You can't have it both ways. You can't exclude a group of people, then get upset when they take it upon themselves to express themselves.
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