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Is There a Patriotism Gap?

KManInLaLa Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 3:08 AM
"Solid liberals"--solid IN THE HEAD!!!
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Scope for Conscience

KManInLaLa Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 1:43 AM
Not just on this issue; there have been too many 5-4 votes--the same 5 versus the same 4--which demonstrates that nearly any decision handed down is ideological instead on constitutional. Frightening...
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WWI and the Second Fall of Man

KManInLaLa Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 9:02 PM
Perhaps the saddest irony of all is that Gavrilo Princip murdered the very person who might have helped his nation. If you've watched the History Channel series "The First World War" (also available on YouTube), you'd know that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was quite opposed politically to his ultraconservative father; he welcomed the idea of liberalization, even going so far as to having a map of GrossOstereich (Greater Austria) drawn that would give autonomy to minority populations. Sadly, members of the Serbian Army, led by Dragutin Dimitriyevich, who also led an inner circle of officers known as "The Black Hand", were the ones who equipped the small band of zealots who killed him and his wife that fateful day--and even with some twists of fate which, if they had not happened, may have avoided the whole thing.
All we need is a Middle East hostage crisis and we're complete...
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Oklahoma Repeals Common Core

KManInLaLa Wrote: Jun 07, 2014 11:39 PM
Three cheers for Governor Mary! If you want a good HS math teacher, I'll move!
Prosecute those "419" groups as well and you'll be off to a great start.
"Lies and Damned Lies"? When the Statistics start coming out, RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!
Saw that long ago, in the 90s in Chicago; Penny Pullen and Rosemary Mulligan went to court in an election that Pullen had stolen from her (if memory serves me) by the Democrat Mulligan.
Don't want to nit-pick here, but "under God" wasn't in the original wording. (Don't get me wrong; I'm glad it's there.) Watch the old Warner Bros. cartoon "Old Glory" to see Uncle Sam himself instruct Porky Pig on the Pledge; listen also to the great entertainer Red Buttons recite and explain the Pledge, including how the phrase "under God" came in; take to heart also the last line he says (paraphrased): "Wouldn't it be sad if we couldn't say 'under God'' because someone deemed it a prayer?" Both should be on YouTube.
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The Common Core Conundrum

KManInLaLa Wrote: Apr 20, 2014 2:41 AM
Common standards would be a good thing; it's the curriculum that sucks right now. I'm a credentialed CA HS teacher who currently tutors from grades 2 to high school, and seeing some of the CC horror stories from submitted exercises, I'm distressed. Focusing on the basic skills and showing the "tweaks" to do a slightly different concept is the best way to go; I've had much success with math-phobes once they see the connection to what they already know. The CC curriculum is literally reinventing the wheel, but we have a perfectly good one already; use it and get on with things.
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An Amazing Love Story

KManInLaLa Wrote: Apr 07, 2014 11:32 PM
Find 'em and EXECUTE them--publicly!
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