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Maybe we should be arbitrary as to what taxes we pay, if any.
You on the mark with that, force is what is needed now to restore America's rights. Everywhere in America.
A weeping whining school girl, or a petulant little brat, either description would fit "o" but "The Man" they must be kidding?
Give us the old voting machines which cannot be programmed to vote only for one candidate. Put the Walking dead back in their graves instead of having them drop by the local polls and voting for the big "O" . Let us make sure all voters are legal by them having to identify themselves. When states try this Obama's head of the secret police, Holder prosecutes the states to stop there activity. Then may be voting in all locations will come down to less than 100%. Instead of the many which reached 140% of voter turnout all for the demonrats. Holder and Obama are scared silly of a voting system which stops the illegals, the dead , the multiple voters and the felons from voting.
I just read what the MSM did for the Bikers. Various sites on facebook and other places which normally show current happenings at specific areas were tampered with the locations the bikers were at or going through showed winter snow scenes or other times, not what should have been showing bikers by the thousands. This is just another of the Muslim Mullah's government censorship. Suppressing anything which goes against the Big "O".
Another thought. I do so hope that the Muslim Prayer mats are not allowed to be carried by combat troops
I have heard a vague rumor that Barack Hussein Obama is supposed to be C.i.C. of the Military forces. If that vague rumor is true. That Muslim Mullah is being totally false to his Oath of office. Seeing he is attacking not defending the Military of the united States. That being the case, That is an Impeachable offence. If no one in congress is willing to do their duty and drag the scum out of the White house and over to Gitmo Prison. The now is the time for the people to rise up and restore the principles of America as defined in the constitution. Remove all the anti constitutionists from the government. They are all breaking their oaths.
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