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Voter ID: Yes, It's Necessary

klundy Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 9:54 AM
Yes they do. My mother was 93 and had one. Was never a driver and had no driver's license . My cousin took her to DMV and short time later walked out with her Ga. State ID card. Quick and painless.

One of the biggest issues being raised in America right now is the need for Voter ID laws. As of today, 30 states have enacted laws that require you to show identification when arriving to the polls. Voter ID laws are a no-brainer. You are required to show identification to do just about anything in your day-today life. Have you ever purchased alcohol? I’m sure you had to pull out that driver’s license within seconds of putting your adult beverage on the counter. Let’s say you are a college student. For many events and functions that take place, you are mostly...

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