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Veto Threat: Administration Wants to Hike Healthcare Fees for Military

klundy Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 4:02 PM
This is one military retiree who did not vote for him the first go around and not even consider voting for under any circumstances. As a matter of fact I am still P.O.'d at the Clinton administration for a significant reduction in benefits of shopping on post because it was not fair to WalMart.

The audacity of the Obama administration never ceases to amaze. On Friday, they threatened to veto a defense appropriations bill because it, in part, does not include hikes in healthcare fees for members of the military. The House bill  passed 299-120 in May. The official policy statement offers this objection:

TRICARE Fees and Co-Payments.  The Administration is disappointed that the Congress did not incorporate the requested TRICARE fee initiatives into either the appropriation or authorization legislation.  The Administration asks the House to reconsider the TRICARE fee proposals, which are essential for DOD to successfully address rising...