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Kingston has to first win his primary and at this point in time as a citizen of Georgia I plan to vote for US Rep Paul Broun, MD from the 10th District. He represents what I believe in and support.
Begich was the 60th vote in putting OBAMA care on the backs of Alaskan citizens. If he had voted in the best interest of the citizens of Alaska to defeat this horrible goatrope of a law we would not be having this conversation.
When he was hanging on the cross and said "Father forgive them they know not what they do."
Is this another Carter lusting in his heart? We Georgians remember his Grandpappy screwed over the state of Ga before going on to DC with his same message and damaged our world wide standing. Brother Billy was the only intelligent Carter that came off the peanut farm. Remember his grandpappy Jimmy pardoned the VietNam draft dodgers and deserters and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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A Selfie in South Africa

klundy Wrote: Dec 14, 2013 8:48 AM
Roger, I am not an English comp. teacher or expert nor do I claim to be, I am just an old retired country boy from Georgia who served his country's military for 21 years and now my current commander-in-chief has once again publicly disgraced us. The central theme of this article from start to finish was proper conduct of an official representing his/her country and people at a State Funeral. I believe you read this article in search of things to discredit the writer and you failed miserably.
Attn Rep Bolduc, I am a retired truckdriver and before I became one I was a retired senior NCO who served his country honorably and faithfully for 21 years. Before you call someone brainless, I suggest you take some refresher course in vocabulary and composition. I am sure glad that you do not represent my district in Congress. Many of those you refer to as brainless actually hold degrees some very advanced degrees. Many are like myself are retired military who got tired of being told they were over qualified for positions or they were offered positions at substantially lower pay rates than their civilian counterparts. Do you realize everything you and your family have was brought to you by a truckdriver including the food you put in your mouth. I would advocate for a 100% nationwide 96 hour shutdown by the truckdrivers but it would only hurt too many innocent people.
You, I believe are correct. Once they get all your info on paper some low wage clerk probably in India or some other foreign data processing center will type all your info in using the correct entrance key and hit accept and you are enrolled and billed. It will take a literal fool to trust these idiots with his/her personal info for data entry when you can't take a test drive to find out the cost.
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How Do Ponzi Schemes End?

klundy Wrote: Jul 27, 2013 9:23 AM
There is one problem with having it as required reading, a large percentage would not not be able to comprehend what they read. They could recognize and repeat the words but would not be able to understand the meaning in sentences. I ran in to this when I was still on active duty military. I worked in a plans shop and everything I wrote was required to be on a 3rd grade reading level. I retired in 1986 so this is not a new thing, we are reaping the benefits of pass them, don't hurt Billy or Suzy's self esteem don't you know everyone gets a trophy. So much for the trillions of dollars spent on public education mandated by the federal government.
Wilson was ok until he ask the Senior Chaplain to violate policy by ensuring that it( gay marriage ceremony) not happen again. As far as it being a Christian Chapel during my 21 years of active duty I don't recall seeing Chapels being designated as Christian,Jewish, etc. I don't know what the Chaplain's rank is/was but given the significance of the assignment at the flagship academy I am guessing he is an O-6. The staff Chaplain at Walter Reed Medical Center when my wife was a cancer patient there for 97 days in '93-94 was an O-4 what does this have to do with this nothing but my respect for Military Chaplains who often times have thankless jobs.
Being politically correct has been the most important requirement for career advancement in the US Military since the end of WWII. Why do think our military has not been allowed to win an armed conflict(war) since WWII. Gen Macauthor had the N Koreans and Chinese on the run and Pres. Truman stopped him at the river, fired him and brought him home. We had N VietNam on their knees with rolling thunder and the politicians halted the bombing and we slogged on for a few more years and then they brought the military home. The politicians have not allowed the military to be soldiers(generic term to be understood as all military personnel) since WWII. I am one of the forgotten VietNam Vets 3 tours.
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