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Reuters? Feminist operative? An obscure poll? You've got to be "foolin'" us!
Is Senator Cruz leading us shell shocked former Republicans out of the wilderness? We long disaffected "Republicans" have been awaiting a strong, courageous leader. What will Karl Rove, the GOP hatchet man, do now? He fired all his bile at the unflappable senator, yet there Senator Cruz stands able and willing. What will the shadowy "professionals" over at the GOP headquarters building do now? They triedf to jump on the hayride wagon after the "talking" parade started, but I'm not that stupid. I remember what they were up to yesterday and last week and last year. What counsel do you suppose they are giving McCain, Graham and McConnell now?
Excellent point and questions. You make me conscious that I have not raised this point in discussions and coffee debates one time. Very interesting behavioral question for many of us. I am voluble on all other pathologies of the day. Why have I been hesitant tp mention my own religion when it is so obviously under attack?
It's responses like yours that will lead inevitably to Hillary's election in 2016. Do you truly want me to list all of the reasons to hold G.W. responsible for the deep divide in the GOP. Try this as a sample: "G.W. gave us "Homeland Security" and the Iraq War and The NSA and the secret court....and dissed Sen. Phil Gramm when he attempted warn that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were bringing the banks to the brink...Oh! And how about the Bush First Lady and Condy meeting Hillary almost weekly for lunch? The let's take a look at the GW's daughters virtually endorsing Hillary two weeks ago ...
Relevance? So what! If conservative women are not respected on that little hill, let them got to Hillsdale.
Boehner will not seek reelection? There's a bit of news worth my time. Anyone care to throw the runes and guess what that means for the vote on Syria next week in the House? Perhaps there's no connection whatsoever, BUT...watch for evidence BIG GOP split.
MacQ--Did you once "Ramble" about Texas Wesleyan U. environs?
The GOP Humpty Dumpty has been shattered systematically into so many pieces that I see no identifying characteristics of Repubs or Dems as they were constituted during the era of constitutional governement. Clusters with different associations and alliances are forming as we speak. Who is Gates today? Not sufficient that he was "in the Bush administration." Most of lost confidence in "the Bush administration" and family by the end of his first term.
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