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A Conversation With NOW Protestors About Rush Limbaugh

Klaus3 Wrote: May 22, 2012 12:20 PM
Did anyone notice that the African-American Lady who chimed in agreeing that Rush is racist during the NOW video is seen drinking a SNAPPLE ICED TEA!!!!! LMFAO!!!! They have sponsored Rush for YEARS!!! I guess she is self loathing???? HA!

The Media Research Center recently caught up with a handful of National Organization for Women protestors to ask about their issues with Rush Limbaugh. Not surprisingly, when reporter Dan Joseph asked if MSNBC host Ed Schultz should also be kicked off the air or punished for his "hate" speech (he called conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham a slut a year ago), the women said no. Also, when Joseph was speaking directly to a protestor, the usual lefty organizer came over to squash the conversation and divert Joseph to an official spokesperson for the group.