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Martial Law and a Would Be King

K L Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 11:21 PM
Don't forget that many, many, mant police forces have been militarized and Eric Holder declared war veterans, Tea Party members as well as prolife people are terrorists. They have been stoking the race card and class warfare card since taking office and are just waiting for the right match to light the bonfire of civil unrest with patriotic Americans. Then we will see the true ugliness that is his (or specifically his handlers) vision of remaking America.
Neither Moochelle nor Barry still have their law licenses.
In our town ANY school-aged child can get free lunches throughout the summer - no requirement to show you NEED this service. This is "compassion" since many kids get breakfast and lunch throughout the school year and what ever will their parents do to feed them when they are not in school for the summer?? What an amazing example of a government program that continues to grow exponentially. If you question it, you are a "hater" or a mean, selfish, rich conservative- the scourge of the planet and the entity that is killing the planet. While Jesus expects us to care for the poor, He did not expect the STATE to do it. We are to care for our fellow man not have the state TAKE from those who work hard and give it to others many who work the system. For example, my church has families you can 'adopt' at Christmastime and provide gifts and a meal for Christmas. The man in charge says he spends a lot of time screening the families since there is a large percentage that just work the system including those "giving trees" you see cropping up at Walmarts and Targets throughout the Christmas season. I try to keep my ears open for families truly in need and avoid those trees like the plague.
Most people never take a step back and live within their means. That whole 'needs' vs 'wants' is soooo hard. My husband worked and I stayed at home because we decided that we were going to parent our children and made the sacrifices. Some of our friends wanted their pre-children lifestyle never to change, therefore, their children had daycare"Mom" for 8+ hours a day and then them at night and weekends. Yuk! Sadly, many ended up divorced.
It could also be that grouping kids into high schools so many decades ago (by design, immature, dependent people are much easier to control) and spending so much time around their peers has lessened the influence of mature family members and begun the decline of critical thinking skills as well as the maturation into productive adults. We have second and third generations coming out of the highschool institutions now compounded with instant and CONSTANT "communication" (I use that term loosely) with said peers. Television shows have great influence on kids as well as parental influence is mocked or negated. Parents see nothing wrong with large high schools because, after all, they went to high school too and they turned out fine. Each successive generation becomes infantilized and never maturing at later and later ages. What one generation accepts becomes the starting point for the subsequent generation and the downward spiral continues. Think back to the era when our country was formed...Ben Franklin left his home to apprentice in Philadelphia at 13!! People married much earlier, there was no such thing as adolescence. You were a child and then a man (or woman). The young adults immediately lived with the consequences of their decisions and their decisions were more reason-based. There was none of the feelings-based, self-esteem garbage masquerading as character these days. Now I'm not suggesting we go back to marrying at 14, but the lack of taking responsibilty for one's actions EVER (it's not MY fault, then fill in your favorite grievance) is wreaking havoc on our society.
Nowhere in our Founding documents will you fing the phrase "separation of church and state". That phrase appeared in a letter from Thomas Jefferson reassuring a Baptist minister that the US government would not establish a state religion like England had. The first Supreme Court Chief Justice stated that all presidents of our country should be a Christian.
Just because something has been incorrectly declared legal does not make it moral or right. Whether the baby is inutero or already born does not change the fact that it is a baby. If you think this is okay, http://www.priestsforlife.org/resources/medical/de.jpg I'll pray for you....
Unfortunately, your political party has enshrined their love of abortion in their platform. You cannot be a democrat and not support abortion on demand as the party sees fit. Just ask Bart Stupak and the others that described themselves as a pro-life democrat.
Where in the Constitution is the right to abortion? The Supreme Court made up the right in the RvW case.
There is no such thing as a prolife democrat ( see Bart Stupak). The democrat party supports intrinsic evil in it's platform. Any democrat professing to be pro life must become an independent or a republican. Abortion is enshrined in the democrat platform.
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