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Armed guards are not the best solution because: 1. They are expensive to hire. 2. You can't have enough of them (see #1) to be right where needed, especially in large schools. 3. They are the first ones to get shot. Innumerable examples from Israel, the Beslan school massacre etc. You don't force any teacher to get trained/to carry, but you don't deprive them of the right to do so. A properly trained CCP teacher will never have their gun taken by a student because none will know where they carry it, or even that they have one. And to answer the straw man argument "what happens when a teacher gets angry/goes nuts and starts shooting students"? - several other teachers shoot him/her. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun once the shooting starts, is with a good guy with a gun who is RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THEN. BTW, this is not theoretical - several states have allowed CCW by teachers for decades, and those states have never had a single attempted mass shooting, nor student seizure of a teacher's firearm, nor a teacher shooting a student.
Crazy. One month today my family and I are supposed to be visiting the US. A big part of our plans are seeing the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. I guess we won't be able to do this unless the stalemate ends. Too bad our Trip Insurance doesn't include a "Foreign Government shutdown" clause so we're SOL. Thanks Mr. President.
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'Breaking Bad': A Christian Parable

KJQ Wrote: Oct 03, 2013 9:21 AM
You should read all of Galatians 6, especially verses 6-10 if you want to get the context. To answer your question (perhaps THE question): it's not specifically what the girl sowed, but what our Federal head Adam sowed. In his pride he rebelled against God. The punishment was a curse upon all of creation, including physical and spiritual death, and all life being lived "in the estate of sin and misery". We have all inherited a sin nature, and so we deserve every miserable thing that happens to us because of Adam's first sin, and our own individual sin. Sin is so bad, so evil, so wicked that it requires eternal separation from God and eternity in hell. The only satisfactory substitute was Jesus Christ paying for the sin of those who believe in Him on the cross.
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The Grand Myth of Live-And-Let-Live Liberalism

KJQ Wrote: Sep 11, 2013 10:06 AM
A conservative who thinks something should or shouldn't be done does or doesn't do it. A liberal who thinks something should or shouldn't be done creates bureaucracy, regulations and laws to force others to do or not do it. Oh, and they usually then find an excuse to exempt themselves from the new regulation or law they've inflicted on others (i.e. one set of rules for themselves, another set of rules for everyone else).
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Why Miley Cyrus Matters

KJQ Wrote: Sep 06, 2013 9:30 AM
There may have been people in Sodom who thought that those men who went to Lot's house to rape his male guests were 'a bit over the line', but it didn't save them. This latest incident with Miley Cirus is not surprising. Likewise the charming story in my city where during frosh week at a local university male and female 'orientation leaders' had everyone chant: "We like 'em young. 'Y' is for your sister, 'O' is for oh so tight, 'U' is for underage, 'N' is for no consent, 'G' is for grab her now". Like it or not, this inevitable decline in morality and ethics began when our nation turned it's back on God, and our Christian standards and values started to be changed. "Free love", Birth control, abortion on demand, feminism, relations outside of marriage have led us here. When we allow man's wisdom to set the standards, the standards will always decline. This has happened in every failed civilization in history. We're not quite yet at normalized pedophelia and public rape yet (India and Europe notwithstanding), but it won't be long now.
The answer to every one of your scenarios is yes, the owner/operator has the right not to serve those customers. In a true free market system (which no longer exists in the west), a private business or person has the right to decide to whom they will provide their services/labour. Otherwise, you have slavery (i.e. forcing people to work for those they don't want to). Could this be discrimination - absolutely. But the market will take care of those businesses who discriminate unreasonably because customers will go to a competitor. In the public sector, where you have mandatory and monopoly service provision (e.g. get a driver's license), anti-discrimination policies are correct and necessary. Even then, individual employees should be allowed not to perform services if they are against their beliefs, provided that there are alternative employees to provide the service.
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