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I have advised my teen sons to begin and continue to create their own retirement accounts even if they eventually have an employer who offers retirement. It is time to teach our youth to save from their very first jobs. They will hVe it so much harder in the future, might as well plan now.
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Blowing Up History

kjoy Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 12:39 PM
What infuriates me is that a very small percentage of our population is loud and vocal enough to even get anyone to think about tearing down the dam at hetch hetchy. Would someone like to explain to me how San Francisco plans to get their water. The dams in Tuolumne County don't hold enough water to replace the water in Hetch Hetchy. Second question, what about the habitat that currently resides in and around these bridges and damns. These areas are not void of fish, frogs, insects, deer, rabbits, birds. Destruction of this current habitat is OK so a river can run free? We are not talking about freeing elephants and tigers from zoos. It's WATER people!!!
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