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Five Food-Stamp Myths

kjohns2001 Wrote: Dec 08, 2013 11:17 PM
I get foodstamps. I am totally disabled, and my foodstamps mean the difference between eating and not eating much of the time. Do I object to Republicans making common sense cuts to the foodstamp program? No, with certain reservations. I will NEVER forget the time I applied for foodstamps and was told by the case worker (privately) that if I were black or an illegal alien he would be able to give me the max amount, but as I was a white middle aged male I did not meet the requirements to gt foodstamps. I was drawing less social security disability payment then than I do now! A huge part of my diet then consisted of ramen noodle soup, and nothing else. I still subsist largely on peanut butter sandwiches for most of the month, but I blame this on foodstamp dollars being wasted on illegal aliens, who never paid int the system, and people who receive foodstamps based on race, not economic need. If the illegal aliens alone were removed form the foodstamp rolls, the resulting savings would enable those most in need to get more foodstamps without ANY need to increase funding to the program or changing anything other than tying increased amounts of foodstamps directly to economic need. As far as the rules on foodstamp use, I agree that tobacco, alcohol and SOME non-food items should be barred from purchase. But things like vitamins, and hot food items should be allowed. It makes no sense that I can buy a cold, day old broasted chicken with foodstamps, but not a freshly cooked hot one! Things like this only serve to increase the gulf between 'normal' working people and those on foodstamps. I did not ask to become disabled, and I paid into the system for my entire working life, but now that I need help, I have to struggle against race, immigrant status, and other barriers before I can receive foodstamps at all. This is the reality of the foodstamp situation in America, and it is a situation that almost every politician, journalist and narrow minded person wants to turn a blind eye to. I only hope that whatever decisions are finally made, do not hurt those worse off than myself to the point that it endangers their very survival, because yes, there are people in America who starve to death, it's just than no one wants to talk about them, or why they died.
Call us 'weird'? They call us 'crackers', or 'woods' [short for peckerwoods] or polar bears. I'm sure some even resort to the old title of honkeys. Mostly they call us prey, people to be hunted down and injured or killed to satisfy their need for money or property, like cell phones, that TV and movies show them they have a right to possess without having to work for them like the poor victims of their violence did. Until these black thugs, and the white thugs that also exist, albeit in smaller numbers, give up on the sense of entitlement that they deserve what others work hard for, we will continue to suffer from the outrages that occur daily on our streets and homes. If TV, movies and the leaders of our nation would admit the existence of, and address the problems these thugs bring to society, then possibly there could be some hope of fixing the problem. Unfortunately they refuse to admit there is a problem, and so those who are unable to protect themselves continue to be victimized by these thugs.
I wish someone would write further on this incident, letting us readers know if any of the thugs showed up later at hospitals with wounds and then were arrested. I've seen the incident covered on several news sites, but not one word of followup.
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