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Off course they were racists. Many of them bigots and white supremacists to. But in their particular time they were about the most libertarian, tolerant and freedom-loving individuals to. People who were willing to take risks, make a new life, and seek freedom and prosperity in places where no welfarestate stood ready to cuddle for them. And so what?
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Another Galling Betrayal

Kjell Magne Wrote: Feb 18, 2014 11:03 AM
If you dont want to get fat, eat less, eat healthy and exercise. If you dont want to be broke all the time, start living within your means. If you dont want to get wet, stay out of the rain. And: IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR YOUNG MEN SLAYN, DONT SEND THEM TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET TO FIGHT WARS THE COUNTRY CANT AFFORD, TO PROTECT PEOPLE WHO DOESNT CARE, AND HOGTIED BY POLITICAL RESTRAINTS.
Keep the bloody schoolsystem out of marriage and family - and the state too! Schools are there to teach the children to read, write and do math. Ethics, religion, values, dicipline - are all private areas, exclusively for the parents and child. The schools are already TERRIBLE in educating young ones in basic knowledge. Why on earth would anybody in their right frame of mind want to give teachers MORE power over your children???
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When Parasites Attack

Kjell Magne Wrote: Oct 17, 2013 10:41 AM
"If Republicans can’t figure out how to message the importance and virtues of self-reliance and rugged individualism again" - The republicans???? And "individualism" in the same sentence. Are you f... kidding me? The only party guarding individualism, less government and more freedom and responsibility for the individual are the Libertarian Party. Mentioning the republicans in this setting, is like labeling marxists as humanists.
"I realize that many grassroots conservatives loathe the guy. But a party that's gotten its butt kicked in the last two presidential cycles by appealing to a small and shrinking slice of the electorate ignores the numbers below at its peril" - Its not about getting elected, Mr. Benson. Its about policy. Let democrats concentrate about failed democratic policies. Thats not the job of republicans. And If the republican party are only gonna mimick democrats, then its place in american politics are in reality over, and its just a matter of time before the process ends its course, and the country will be split in a truely teaparty/libertarian/conservative wing on one hand, and a semi sosialistic/socialdemocratic wing on the other. Democrats are marching to the left, in a direction towards destroying the republic. If republicans wants to follow, then its over, and everybody should watch "Doomsday Preppers" on TV to pick up some good points....
In the house where I grew up burgers and pizza was something served perhaps 1-2 days a month. We had fish for dinner at least 3 times a week, the year around. Salads and boiled potatoes were standard supplements.There were always fresh fruit available for "snack" between meals. Bread was whole wheat and home made. Lunch was something my mother packed every day. Two slices of homemade bread, cheese, one apple and milk/orange juice. And we ate everything she served without a winze. Why? Cause children are like dogs. When they get hungry enough, they will eat what they get. The end result from our diet was healthy bodies and a lifelong taste for home-made cooking and non-greasy dinners.
Well, here it is. Millions of americans who voted democrat in 2012 will learn to regret it dearly. When the fruits of their labour and investments are taxed into the ground by the black jesus and his henchmen. Good luck
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Nice Losers

Kjell Magne Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 6:26 PM
Romney lacks a "vision" of America. What vision? All the government should do is cut spending, cut taxes, deregulate and then leave us the fu... alone. What is so hard to understand?
Im getting old, one year at a time. But my memory isnt. And if Im not mistaken sex was very much on my mind when I was a teenager. Yes, the urges pumped through our slim teenage bodies constantly - both in boys and girls. For my friends and classmates. Sex was also the topic of so many conversations. Like it or not: teenagers are very sexual persons in an age when their sexuality is stronger than ever. Movies or no movies. As adults and parents we prefere to think it isnt so - but yes: its so! Just because we are getting older, our urges a little less powerfull and our bodies bulkier doesnt mean that teenagers have to endure the same. I wish I was slim, athletic, horny and 19 again! Let teenagers be teenagers and let them have their movies.
"I may not get what I need. I may not get what I want. Just as I dont get what I deserve" Thats an old saying from sinners. New York Times should have been bankrupt years ago. Thats what they deserve.
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