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They aren't even real Americans if they voted for Obama though.
Adjust your tinfoil hat. Did 9/11 extend all the way to the Bush Administration?
Instead of making up stuff, try reading some information Bill. Please provide an example of Shariah law being used in place of US law.
As a pastor I am pretty sure he has the right to voice his opinion on other religious figures. This supposed ``left-wing liberal`` pastor also did services for GW Bush and was a friend of his. Clowhall is showing it`s very thin skin again.
Says the guy who cannot put a coherent sentence together. Do you ever post anything other than insults?
Cuz' someone has to make a buck off your misery, that's the American way!!
Kinda like the charts and graphs health insurers use against you when they deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions?
So much anger BuckO. Did your healthcare provider cancel your meds last week? Or did your sister turn you down your request for some more "family" time? :)
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