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When we call half of our fellow Americans "devil voters" all we breed is hate. We need to stop this talk.
You are absolutely right. These blanket statements by some posters are read by liberals quickly and gives them the idea of racism. Whites are just as capable of being lazy. All people are people. Some are good and some are bad, no matter their color.
I really don't understand your prediction. Whites still outnumber all other races and will continue until about 2028. I think the GOP has lost it's way in being straight with it's base. Sometimes I wanted Santorum or Gingrich to stand up for lies about Obama - the obvious ones. It would show that they have their own minds and don't just follow the pact. When Romney's guy made the 'etch-i-sketch' statement, a part of me was glad. I want a president that is more to the middle and less far right.
By percentage, more whites are on welfare than blacks.
Many friends have lost high paying jobs and not one of them can subsist on unemployment or welfare. One guy - much older - got fired right before his retirement was to begin. No one I know has stopped looking for work, some for a couple years now! I'm terrified.
La Raza does not mean "the race" - it means "The People"
What "free stuff"?
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