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Political Word Games

Kittyman Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 11:39 PM
Only problem is, if they strike down obamacare they will also strike down Medicare and SS, which are both government mandates which force us to pay for another's benefit. I really don't want to face old age with a voucher.
How can I get updates sent to me on this forum?
Wikipedia? Are they bilingual? It translates to THE PEOPLE.
I forgot who said this, but it was something like: "We will end the abomination of slavery but we will never free ourselves from the sin before God, and our children and our children's children shall pay our debt that we have in fact served upon them." A far seeing abolitionist.
Of course you don't still follow those old teachings, I have Mormon friends and they are some of the most family oriented, hard working, kind people in the world. I've never seen racism in my Mormon friends. We Christians no longer, kill people for wearing different kinds of fabrics at the same time, beat our wives, have our slaves bare our illegitimate children or have slaves, sacrifice animals, etc.
The republican base is as you describe but most republican lawmakers allow far too many loop-holes for their big business buddies which is after all, corporate welfare.
What part of Emily's comment is incorrect?
Moderate is not a dirty word.
It wouldn't be "legal" but I've always thought if you were receiving welfare, you should be required to do community service in your local area. We would have help with all sorts of projects, citizens wouldn't feel so ripped-off, and the welfare recipients would be giving something (at least) to their community. They let DUI people make a choice of jail or community service - I wish we could do welfare community service.
When we call half of our fellow Americans "devil voters" all we breed is hate. We need to stop this talk.
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