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Ugh, ok. This is just getting childish. It's been real, sir.
Abe was a Republican, but he was a progressive. The philosophies of each of our parties have changed in 100 years. The Reps were the progressives and the Dems were the conservatives of the 19th century. The Dems didn't fully swing left until Kennedy lost the southern vote in the 60's. This pushed a huge population of voters over to the Republicans, resulting in a more resolutely conservative Republican. Thought you might like to know
Besides, you're the one criticizing me. I'm not the one calling you names. What does that say about which one of us is more likely to end up in hell?
I am not convinced that MY life is superior - I just think that ALL lives are worth valuing equally, if you're religious or gay. It's a shame that you think certain lives are more valid than others - the very definition of disparity. You are trying to tell a specific group of people "no"; I'm not doing that. And you should check your assumptions. I do have a girlfriend, but that doesn't stop me from feeling sympathetic towards gay folks.
My life's pretty free. I got myself a top-notch education without much hardship, I travel when I want, where I want around the world, I am free to have fulfilling social relationships, I have a great roof over my head, I read the books I want to, etc. I can't speak on the Green Jobs thing (I don't know much about it), but I do agree that it is a growing development sector that could yield some great products/jobs once the proper infrastructure has been laid down. That's the hard part, the infrastructure.
Romney did not aggravate the divide between classes? What was that whole 47% thing? That didn't inflame the debate around class warfare. As I recall, it did, and he lost the race for it. Were you there for that one?
And you do need regulations and limitations. It's how the natural world works. What in nature is not regulated by an external, governing force? All things must be, and that includes our politics and our economy. Even God set up some regulations, external governors in the form of the ten commandments. You can't let things expand and behave without limitations.
The debt alone is killing jobs? Not the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs? Not the obsolescence of print media and publishing? Not the brain drain prompted by the slashing of funding to the educational system? And yes, I CAN be critical of the figures I vote for, it's called asserting my political/democratic voice. I consider it nuanced thinking.
Yes, I attended a meeting wherein I was told that I was not really at that meeting. Ugh. Next.
While you on the right are worried about money, we on the left are worried about jobs, the health of American politics, culture, civil rights, things of substance. But by all means, worry about your money.
Wait, how do you know what God is punishing s for? Did he send you a memo? A sign on a tortilla or Ritz craker?
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