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School District’s Sick Day Reform Plan Means Employees Can Miss Two-Thirds of the Year!

kitekrazy Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 2:39 PM
It's really sad that the followers of Kyle Olson are even more clueless than liberals. Are conservatives really this stupid? Teachers cash in their sick days when they retire, maternity, ect. Another Olson "needle in the haystack story" to attract his clueless loyal followers. BTW, these same things are granted in right to work states. Also I worked for a company that gave as many sick days a year as a public school teacher. They also bought back five if I didn't use them. Their retirement plan wasn't a ball and chain compared to a government pension.

Many school districts allow employees to accrue unused sick days without limit and cash them out upon retirement.

In the Detroit district, for example, such a policy cost the district $12.5 million in unused sick leave in 2010-11.

It’s a major problem, but too many school districts are only taking baby steps to correct it.

In the small Holton, Michigan district, support personnel earn one sick day for each month worked. They’ve been allowed to accrue unused sick days without limit and cash them out upon retirement, or take extended leaves for any reason.

But now school officials are...