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Obama's Immigration Plan: Expedite 11 Million Illegal Immigrants to Citizenship

KissMyWookiee Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 5:50 PM
If Obama has his way, all of those here illegally will be given complete amnesty and free citizenship - adding millions more to praise the King. Meanwhile, people who came here legally and have spent $1000+ in filing form after form for immigration, will be left pissing in the wind. They'll be no refunds for us! For me to garner citizenship from my current green-card status (legal permanent resident), I'll have to pay $400.

President Obama has wrapped up his $1.6 million campaign event immigration reform speech in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Now is the time for common sense, comprehensive immigration reform," Obama said.

Piggybacking off of a bipartisan immigration reform plan presented by eight Senators yesterday, Obama called on Congress to quickly come up with legislation.

"We can't allow immigration reform to get bogged down in endless debate," Obama said. "For the first time in years, Republicans and Democrats seem ready to attack this problem together."

Although Obama focused on further enforcement as a top priority for reform,...