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We need to recognize that THIS is the reality we deal with: the ENTIRE MAINSTREAM MEDIA is already the propaganda arm of the Administration. For the next 4 years we will near NOTHING on the MSM except this kind of drivel. We must spread the truth one person at a time. Email EVERYONE on your list telling them about the CCW holding HERO of the Clackamas Mall shooting (the one the MSM completely ignore) and also send this link over 90,000 violent crimes are successfully met with armed resistance every year in America. NONE of them in gun free zones................
The slimestream media will never let this story out, so WE have to forward this to all our email groups. ALSO, the Clackamas Mall shooter in Portland Oregon was SHOT DEAD by a CCW holding CITIZEN. Of course, that doesn't jive with the narrative the commie news networks are propagandizing. So in a matter of less than a couple weeks, we have 3 potential mass shootings. One, several people killed before an ARMED CITIZEN intervened and stopped the carnage. Another, an ARMED CITIZEN intervened and shot the would-be mass killer DEAD on the spot. NO CITIZENS DEAD. The third, which took place in a GUN FREE ZONE, ended with 28 deaths, 26 of them innocent children. Would to God that the Principle had had access to a handgun.
We won't have to fight much for the dissolution, it is a foregone conclusion at this point. The entire system has become so completely compromised that it cannot be reformed without first being allowed to crumble. This is going to be hard on many people, but then many people voted for this outcome. We who know what is coming, having prepared and warned our neighbors to the best of our ability, need to strengthen our own faith and resolve. WE will be the ones rebuilding the NEW REPUBLIC as we return to the Principles enshrined in the Constitution. Prepare, warn, survive, rebuild. Once the massive sinkholes known as major cities have emptied themselves, and the barbarians have exposed themselves and been dealt with, we can begin again
@ncyXJ61 What he said was " vote... voting is the best revenge". First off, tell me exactly what harm Romney has done to the Obama base voter that requires the extraction of vengeance? Has he cost them 12 million jobs? Has he curtailed their religious freedoms? Has he used crass manipulation, bribery, extortion, and cronyism to pass legislation that NOBODY had read that that is a giant financial and health catastrophe that is set to go off AFTER the election? Had he caused massive increases in fuel prices due to his policies? Has he SAT watching video of the Benghazi attack and denied three requests for help, ordered rescuers to stand down, and watched coldly while savages killed four Americans that could have been saved? TOOL
You been drinking the KOOLAID? There is NO evidence anywhere that Romney outsourced jobs to Europe or anywhere. Unlike Obama, who has chased manufacturers out of the States regularly. Look at GIBSON GUITAR and BOEING AIRCRAFT for starters. This administration has cost America and her people more than you will ever acknowledge. The only hope we currently have to pull us back from the precipice is Romney/Ryan and the conservative plan.
Seriously Joe, how could they do otherwise. The entire NewsMedia establishment gives them cred. The entrenched bureaucracy gives them legitimacy. If R/R came out and made their pitch to America that the White house is infested with commies and loons, they would be HOUNDED mercilessly by the slimestream. Best to let folks like Rush, Glenn, and the marvelous crews at TOWNHALL, REDSTATE, RIGHTMARCH, THE BLAZE, and others gnaw away at the commie rats while R/R try to convince the majority of the populace that they have a better plan. There are PLENTY of folks talking about the MUSLIM RING, WHO's HIS DADDY?, His and Mooches law licenses, such a host of things. R/R have a single consistent message they have to get out.
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A Debate Rout of Herculean Proportions

Kirt2 Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 5:31 PM
Seriously? ThisCradle-to-Grave mentality is the root of the problem. This is NOT what America is about. The land of the FREE. (Freedom Requires Everyday Effort) is not the happy home of the idler. Decades of federal, LIBERAL control over schools have given us a generation that has been trained to be good little socialist sheep. And E3Troit appears to be one of them. If I feed you every day, you learn dependence. If I quit feeding you, you die. If on the other hand I teach you how to fish or farm, then YOU can take care of yourself if I quit or pass on. It isn't charity to GIVE to those who are able to do for themselves unless the giving leads toward self-support
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A Huge Victory for a Principled Mitt Romney

Kirt2 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 12:56 PM
Seek MEDICAL help. Your meds have obviously worn off. Christian SHARIA? The Christians have patiently watched as their rights and freedoms have been eroded for decades by psychotic haters like yourself. America was FOUNDED on CHRISTIAN principles. Read REAL history, not the revisionist pap they teach now. When America was actually a CHRISTIAN nation, our economy was better, our people were more at peace with each other, and we all helped each other VOLUNTARILY. You are so filled with unreasoning hate, it is sad to think what it must be like to inhabit your brain.
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Mitt Romney and the Politics of Virtue

Kirt2 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 5:25 PM
If you were to do some actual reading of history, the BIBLE was the pre-eminent school text in America for years before the Constitution, and years afterward, until the secularists twisted the meaning of the separation clause. Meanwhile, the hypocrite in chief is using taxpayer dollars by the billions to force Christians to pay for abortions, to support illegal aliens healthcare and education, and to promote the Godless doctrine of the left. President Obama is OUTRAGED at the stupid video "the innocence of muslims" and has absolutely NOTHING to say about a display of a crucifix in a container of urine just down the road from the UN building.
Surprised by this? Not at all. The SLIMESTREAM MEDIA has wandered so far off of the path of JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY that they don't even recognize that they have lost their way. And they are almost certainly sitting around wondering why their ratings continue to crumble. It has been apparent for decades that the major networks and "news" outlets are all working for the socialist/statist/athiest forces that want all of us in chains. They make their political contributions to the Obama campaign. Their every claim to fairness and impartiality is pure lies. They not only spin everything that they do report, they VERY carefully select what to report and what to simply and completely ignore. Why NOBODY watches them except libtards.
Obama and Reid were hoping these outfits wouldn't implode until AFTER the election. Crony capitalism creates nothing but campaign contributions for Obama and Reid. Neither cares at all whether there are jobs for Americans or not. They don't care, they have theirs, and most of ours too..... If the Mainstream Media, traitors all, had even an ounce of "journalistic integrity" the crowds would be stacked a mile deep outside the White House, demanding resignations. Sadly, the 4th estate has become a 5th column..... It all seems to boil down to the "press" and their failure to do any investigative journalism when Democrats are in charge of things. We win this one, old laws regarding the ownership of media need to be re-instated.
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