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Polls: Obama Maintains Small National Lead

Kirkie17 Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 5:51 PM
Actually, I do not take food stamps. I actually have a nice paying job, at a corporate law firm. Therefore, I can attest that I am doing better now, than I did under Bush. Also, go back to elementary school, because any 4th grader would know that "food stamps" are two words, and not one.

As the presidential debates are set to kick off this week, Barack Obama continues to hold a modest national lead over Mitt Romney.  Here are the top-line numbers among likely voters in three new polls:

Washington Post/ABC News - Obama 49, Romney 47

Politico/GWU - Obama 49, Romney 47

Rasmussen - Obama 50, Romney 47 (includes leaners)

Digging a little deeper, the WaPo/ABC News poll shows a virtually-tied national race, but has Obama up...