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National Poll of Likely Voters: Romney 45, Obama 44

Kirkie17 Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 5:02 PM
Again, let's look at the swing state polling. I could care less about how well Romney is doing with the popular vote; remember, Gore won the popular vote by two percentage points and still lost the by five electoral votes. So, again this is going to be entertaining to watch. By the way: I am not afraid of some tea party COWARD! If the only way they know how to fight is to use a gun, then they are nothing but weak cowards! I bet those tea party cowards could not stand up and fight me like a man?

As election day draws closer, polls of likely voters become far more predictive than those of registered voters and adults.  Fox News -- whose polling hasn't been especially kind to Mitt Romney in recent months -- has released its first national survey of the former group, and Mitt Romney has edged in front of President Obama:

Less than a week before the Republican convention begins, the race for the White House is a virtual tie.  According to a Fox News poll of likely voters, the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket receives the backing of 45...