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Judge Blocks Pennsylvania Voter I.D. Law 35 Days Before Presidential Eleciton

Kirkie17 Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 1:48 PM
The Judge made the right decision is reversing the Voter ID Law.
Pennsylvania Voter Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 1:55 PM
Listen Kirkie, the dems have had a stranglehold on PA politics for years and they are not about to allow a fair vote. This dem judge was just carrying water for the party. Nothing unusual for PA.

There is an awaking among the current generation of PA voters of how the dems have destroyed the steel, coal, and other PA manufacturing industries over the years. Their latest ruse is to keep electricity prices high and natural gas in the ground.

The dems only hopes for holding onto PA is via voter fraud.

A Pennsylvania judge has blocked the enforcement of a Pennsylvania Voter I.D. law just 35 days before the presidential election on November 6.

A Pennsylvania judge on Tuesday blocked the state from enforcing its strict voter ID law before the presidential election, citing "disenfranchisement" concerns. The ruling in a vital battleground state comes five weeks before the election.

The ruling, which could still be appealed, followed two days of testimony about the state's efforts to make it easier to get a valid photo ID, as well as possible hurdles for those seeking proper identification.