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It sounds like a bunch of nervous conservatives on here. It appears that members of the GOP are worried. Even Rasmussen has Obama leading, and after the debates that margin will widen. Sorry folks, I guess you all should look ahead to 2016.
How is Obama's team lagging. Aren't they up in the polls?
Obama is beating Romney in most of the categories. Katie Katie Katie, you're so adorable. You really are holding on to the hope that Romney is going to beat Obama.
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Ann Coulter on "The View"

Kirkie17 Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 7:23 PM
So you're saying that you wish you could have a gun, so that you can kill five black men walking down the street, who pose you no harm? How is that not racist? Just because someone is wearing a hoodie, does not mean they will kill you. It is autumn, a lot of people, both white and black, wear hoodies at night; it is chilly outside. So, if i wear a hooded sweatshirt, then I deserve to be shot?
I can't wait to hear Romney's concession speech on November 6th.
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Did Obama Lose His Convention Bounce?

Kirkie17 Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 12:33 PM
The same Rasmussen report shows that Obama's lead in Florida and Ohio has increased. Romney may very well win the popular vote, and still lose the election; think back to Bush vs.Gore. Gore had about 537,000 more popular votes than Bush, and still lost the election. History may repeat itself. I love the electoral college.
Conservatives show their desperation when they reach for a story like this. I expect that Obama's lead among independents, and in swing states, will widen. The RNC was a snooze fest, and produced a very small jump in the polls. This DNC will remind Americans why they voted for Obama in 2008.
Please, the way that many conservatives attack Michelle Obama, and you all get bent out of shape when someone has something less than nice to say about Ann Romney? Look, I think Ann Romney is a beautiful, gracious, and smart woman. I also I very much enjoyed hearing her speech, and seeing the great love and admiration that she has for her husband, but she is going to be attacked by liberals; just as Michelle Obama is attacked by conservatives. Candidates' spouses should be off-limits by both sides, unfortunately, spouses are fair game.
I do have a job actually. Do you have a job? I bet I make more money than you do. So Ha!
Again, let's look at the swing state polling. I could care less about how well Romney is doing with the popular vote; remember, Gore won the popular vote by two percentage points and still lost the by five electoral votes. So, again this is going to be entertaining to watch. By the way: I am not afraid of some tea party COWARD! If the only way they know how to fight is to use a gun, then they are nothing but weak cowards! I bet those tea party cowards could not stand up and fight me like a man?
That last part was a little absurd, and immature; I will admit that. I work in a company that is dominated by Tea Party folks, and I work in Washington, DC, just a few blocks away from the White House, so everyone is very passionate, and extremely tense about this election.
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