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Rand Paul is Filibustering John Brennan's Nomination - Here's Why

Kirk Mac Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 9:16 PM
If he does do this unlawful, unconstitutional act, it will be the first shot in a civil war. Sen. Paul is right, this cross a line in the sand. Will we as a nation sand up?

Today at 11:45 AM, Kentucky Sen. Ran Paul took to the Senate floor to filibuster John Brennan, who is President Obama's nominee to lead the CIA. President Obama's recent nominees have faced rocky roads - Chuck Hagel for Defense more than all the others - but none rose to the level of a grandstanding filibuster.

And it's not because of Benghazi.

No, leading Republicans made their Benghazi stand against Sen. Chuck Hagel. But Sens....