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Good news comes and helps boost the spirit.
Well my young American friends are you waking up? Looks like it to me. It gives me hope for our future. This president has lied to you, and left you in debit to the tune of $196,000 per person (quote from JR column). Now add on your collage debit. Now thank the president, and democrats. Remember that in November.
Seems IL has the same issue with the dead voting too. Make one wonder what is going on in IL. Then I remember that IL is run, and controlled by democrats and their minions.
Well at least the church got their adds back on. I hope that this group learns from this. I may not agree with someone, or some group, but they have a right to speak. That is the fundamental difference between marxists, democrats, and conservatives.
We don't have ROYALTY in this country.
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Why Not Arm the Jews In Ukraine?

Kirk72 Wrote: Apr 19, 2014 4:21 AM
JR, I agree that Obama is an incompetent fool. I also agree that arming the Ukraine would be a good idea. But I would not want Obama running a real war, for the above reason. War with Russia would need to be run by someone with grit, and Obama has none.
Flagged for off topic homosexual crud.
When will people that no democrat is to be trusted. They ALL lie, right down to their leaders at the precinct level.
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