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People it is at least 1 year out, get a grip. Polls mean nothing. He would have to get through the primary process first.
BS, Romney did more for working folks then any democrat at any time in history. If he wasn't in it to make money, then he would be a chitty business man. You sound like many of our lefty posters, you always want someone to do for you, not do for yourself.
Johan, yes life is messy. It is not "fair". Nor will it ever be. I agree there is good and bad in every group. Where I work, it is mostly white, but we also have blacks, Asians, and central Americans. There is even a man from Somalia. They all work hard, and when asked, they all have one thing in common, family. That is why they work hard. I will add that they are here legally, as we use e- verify. With all that said, what I find in the protesters, is ingratitude, and a sense of entitlement. This leads to people like me not caring one bit about them. I don't care that Brown was shot, as he is one less thug on the street. How many would he have beaten, or murdered? This will only get worse, as the liberal marxist democrats fan the flames of hate, and violence. They tie the hands of cops, and destroy the respect for law and order. The folks to blame for this are liberals, and their stirring of the pot.
JR, very funny, and very good column. What am I thankful for? Life. My children, and grandchild. My stubborn father. My brothers and sisters. I am thankful to God for allowing republicans to take both houses of congress. I too am thankful for fracking, and oil company's putting a dent in OPEC, and the Russians oil monopoly. I am thankful to all your brothers and sisters in conservative media who get the truth out, and give us the information to fight back against the marxist democrats in our country. So thank you JR. Have a wonderful thanksgiving, and may God bless you and yours. Kirk
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This Just In: Tesco is Sexist

Kirk Mac Wrote: 5 hours ago (7:14 AM)
I feel sorry for the child, as the mother is an idiot.
I grew up in West Fargo, ND, even democrats from ND in those days were to the right of Mr Romney.
That is the whole issue to me. If you want to influence the party get involved.
1 I have never been a democrat, and 2 at our tea party here in MN, there were democrats. Why they are still democrats, I don't know. They talked like Zell Miller.
And down town. I lived in Richfield, inner ring sub.
Missed theses names, all good.
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