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All gang members wear colors, and carry tattoos that show their gang affiliation. I have one simple law that would make all the difference in the world. Treat gang members as you would say a coyote, legal to hunt hunt at all times. They are animals, on the scale of ISIS, and therefore deserving of death.
The marxist progressive liberal democrats find it harder to lie and get away with it. This is why they needed net neutrality. The "fairness doctrine" all over again.
Taft if you read that speech, it is about fighting the marxist government of the USSR. They were a big threat to the whole world at that time. The context of that speech does not fit today's world. Here is another link.
Taft you say Reagan gave a speech about Muslims? Taft a link is the key to sustaining your quot. I don't remember the speech, and I was an active Reagan supporter.
Wow Taft you just don't get it do you. Do you read???????? He answered a question about tax collectors, and invited one to be an apostle. He did not fear Rome, as his kingdom was not of this world, or this time. Why did he stop the stoning, as he asked the first with out sin throw the first stone. Because in your every day dealings with the human race it is better to be kind then mean. That did not mean for us to be door mats. He sent only one apostle to the gentiles, the rest were sent to the houses of Israel.
Just as I thought, you did not read what you posted.
Taft do you really think you know more about the bible then the posters here at TH? If you do, your arrogance is exceedingly high.
Taft a link is the key to sustaining your quot. I don't remember the speech, and I was an active Reagan supporter.
Strange: unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand. not previously visited, seen, or encountered; unfamiliar or alien. Hope this helps.
Ok Taft I show you. 1 "Not even Jesus attacked other religions." The very act of his coming disproved all other religions. As the son of God, he was living proof. 2. "He criticized the Pharisees, who he thought had lost the religion and only cared about man's laws, or those who were more concerned about making lots of money, instead of caring for their soles." It is souls, not soles. No he showed that the Pharisees were hypocrites. They outwardly showed their "fate", ie prayed in public, never picked corn on the sabbath, yet they were devoid of God. 3. "Time and again, whether it was the Samaritan, or the hated tax collector, prostitutes, or later when the 12 disciples even showed their other side of their face to hated romans, or Greeks. Attacking, and hating a religion, comes with the Nazis." Jesus was here to bring the good news of salvation, not start a revolution against Rome. That is why he did not attack tax collectors. The Samaritan? Which one? I didn't know their were Nazis in the time of Jesus. You are right that Nazis hated Christians, and their religion. They did have pagan beliefs, and were very deeply evolved in it.
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