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Very good case Katie, now take it to the people. You will be doing us all a great deal of good.
Good God she is truly and idiot. Thanks for the quotes.
A judge CA? Wow I am shocked. Well something god has come out of CA.
No one with a half a brain believed the emails were "lost". Go JW.
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Hands Up! Don’t Abort!

Kirk72 Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 6:26 AM
Mike, well said.
Hey the circus is in town. Poor Ferguson, they are pawns in the race war that the "leaders" like Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson are pushing.
JR, great Sunday column. It is hard for me to read the liberal responses to you. It is the same answer I have heard my whole life, and it is as much a lie now as it was then.
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