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MSLSD, does anybody watch it? Does anyone care what some idiot on MSLSD said?
Collage Campuses.
Romney has something no democrat has, honor. He has done something for the country, not himself. Thank you Mr. Romney.
BS, he gave it to friends, not to anyone else.
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Can Israel Survive?

Kirk Mac Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 6:25 AM
With every article, and column I read about the Muslim world, I find only one solution to the problem. It will be ether us or them, there is no middle ground. They hate us, because we do not follow their ideas on religion. That will never change. So how do you deal with an enemy that will never accept you, you kill them. I say bomb them into the stone age, and if they start again, bomb them out of existence.
LOL that's funny now.
"Going after Big Education is all upside for the GOP. College professors and administrators already vote 98 percent for the Democrats. In fact, it's a triple-play for Republicans: They would punish a liberal constituency, strike a blow against the principal vehicle of liberal indoctrination in America, and the middle class will love it." And for the three reasons above they will never do it.
Good ad. I like this young man.
Oh, I thought you meant a bar, like standards. LOL, stenographers.
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