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Now, like their Muslim English cousins, next on the agenda is footbaths in the restrooms, full face hajibs and demanding an hour out of the school day so THEIR little darlings can pray to Mecca.
That about covers it.
Illegals should NOT be allowed to "continue working". They don't have any right to that job. They should be picked up and deported, and give the job to an American.
What's wrong with REPEALING the ACA and starting over with a program that will help the poor get insurance, but not on the backs of those who already have it, or have had it taken away from them?
I wish TH would get with the program and add an up vote option. :)
The NAACP is a nonpartisan organization How that woman got away with this statement without being fried by a bolt of lightening is beyond me. That's RICH. This coming from the organization who lead the charge if you DARED to say you didn't vote for Obama. Well, of course it was because of skin color, and you are a big nasty racist. They burned their bridges.... I will never trust this organization. They are irrelevant now anyway, because they have all the rights of any other U.S. citizen.
I'm going to say this one more time, Leftie Traitors: Illegals.....HAVE.....NO....RIGHTS! The only right they have is to be treated humanely when caught. They do NOT have Constitutional Rights. Every single illegal, down to the last baby should be sent packing.
Hey Alex; If someone calls you an a**, will you respond?
And jabbering at someone in Spanish who you think doesn't understand you, then blame you for lack of communication. Never mind you didn't grow up in a bilingual home.
Freudian Slip, much? Gay Marriage AGENDA. I have yet to get a satisfactory explanation as to why homosexuals have to be legally married. Partners have been able to insure each other for years. you can leave an estate to whomever you wish. So why? "Because you love each other, and should have the right to show it". Isn't it the liberals who for years have denigrated traditional marriage, stating "you don't need a piece of paper to prove you love someone?" shouldn't that apply to everyone? The only reason homosexuals have pushed for marriage is to destroy traditional culture. The next stop on the agenda is forcing churches to perform ceremonies. The younger conservatives also attended public schools, and were subjected to the liberal brainwashing methods of socialism.
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