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OK, Officer Wilson - time for you to find an attorney and sue the city of Ferguson for back pay. You were forced out of your career because of discrimination.
Way to go, Traitors. And you wonder why people don't bother to vote? Keep on stabbing us Conservatives in the back. We will look like NoKo within the next 2 election cycles, by giving the Communists a permanent majority.
and Obama looks like a Skinny Rochester with wing flaps for ears.
Oh? Did Oxford Dictionary change the definitions of Honesty and Patriotic to Smug an Arrogant? Who knew???
Get ready for another Communist Left Democrat as POTUS for 8 more years. The RNC doesn't even pretend to like real Americans anymore. So I wash my hands of the lot of them, and just live my life the best I can.
we don't have to stay home. just write in your own, or don't press the button for POTUS. I'm sure there are other issues that will affect you and your state that you need to vote on.
I still won't mark my ballot for him, RNC. I will write in Ted Cruz, or leave it blank.
What a load of you know what. Same song, different verse.... 6 months after 9/11: WH: "We can't call it radical Islam because the majority of Muslims are peaceful and condemn this practice". Really? They sure condemn it quietly. They know who these individuals are. They remain silent because they agree the Western World needs to be destroyed. It's the only way their Paradise is jump=started.
They just followed the instructions the Administration gave them.
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