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God Bless, Mr. Innis. I really pray you change a lot of hearts and minds.
And people laughed at me when I stated it is imperative we go back to the paper ballot ONLY, and get rid of early voting.
Why do you need the Senate, O-blammo? You already think you are a god, and issue illegal executive orders. And you are getting ready to issue another one with amnesty to swell the ranks of your ignorant dem voters. is it a wonder conservatives hate you?
Because he is a god, and can do anything he darn well pleases. //s// at least in his mind. He has dark skin, so societies' rules and the Constitution don't apply to him. I knew as soon as the Leftists' announced their candidate for POTUS, and he was a black man, within 10 years this country would look like South Africa, with White Apartheid practices. I beat my own wager by 4 years.
what anti-homosexual policies would that be? they are allowed to marry now. they are considered to be a "minority" status. Private businesses are going under because the Activists use Leftist tactics and lie about them being targets of hatred because Christians choose to follow their beliefs and Bible teachings. That kind of force?....
I don't even watch Fox anymore. I prefer my news from the conservative website I frequent.
you really think she is protesting her ideals?! Look at who sponsored the sign. she was paid to hold the sign.
*lol* snark comment of the day. wish they had up arrows at TH
He looks like what I picture I Serial Killer looks like. yeah, it's snarky, but that is my first impression.
hundreds of thousands have been sued fined fired and jailed? You are full of what the bull drops out of his b*tt in the pasture. it might as well carry a criminal penalty to be against gay marriage. Christians are losing their means of support due to the Gaystapo terrorizing and intimidating the busness owners until people stop trading with them. They would be better off in jail. At least they would have food and somewhere to sleep after losing everything.
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