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None Dare Call It Fascism

kingscairn Wrote: Nov 16, 2013 2:39 PM
I don't think politicians will be able to help with this, Hitlers Night of the Long Knives (German:  Nacht der langen Messer ), sometimes called Operation Hummingbird .. OR, Stalins Great Purge which was a campaign of political repression in the Soviet Union orchestrated by Joseph Stalin from 1934 to 1939. It involved a large-scale purge of the Communist Party and government officials, repression of peasants and the Red Army leadership, and widespread police surveillance, suspicion of "saboteurs", imprisonment, and arbitrary executions. In Russian historiography the period of the most intense purge, 1937–1938, is called Yezhovshchina They, the politicians, patriot military, conservative press, TEA Parties and Dark Robed Regiment will be first. Sleep well !