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ALL elevated educational positions (Principals, Superintendents, etc) are cowards.
I think what you missed is that they will do it 'in place of" students doing it. Do not replace what they are doing - augmentation is fine.
She's running -no doubt about it - power is helluva drug - especially to Dems.
ba dump, crash!
The genesis of this was the 60's imo
"But when a human being eats something, it eventually becomes something else. " I literally was in hysterics - completely not expecting the end of that sentence. Well done Mr. Hunter.
Looks like Goodell didn't give them ALL they asked for so they reneged on Goodell - their cozy little agreement. Goodell deserves this....not because of a two game suspension - but because, as the prey, he decided to sleep with the hunter.
"In the meantime, he said there’s a good chance that next year the school will host a special program commemorating 9/11." no No NO NO NO NO NO Let's the kids do it dumb-bleep....THAT'S THE POINT.
I wanted a smattering of different ones on different subjects so people could see the ease with which the 0 lies.....
LOL, that's not true, it's actually the other way around...classic projection. What do you think of war monger 0bama? Think he'll give back that "peace" prize?
Don't have to look that far....When I see the "D", I know it's a pseudo-legal criminal.....
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