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Someone call Uncle Joe - it's been a while since his last beer summit.
Keep it up! I wholeheartedly endorse this Democrat strategy.
that's "it's OK to weasel"
Democrats have - and Rubio is on the verge - and Lindsay Graham didn't get the nickname "Grahamnesty" for nothing. The state department won't even let in Iraqi interpreters who have been instrumental in saving American troops' lives but it's only to weasel across the southern border. Go figure
I try - however, President tried the amnesty thing with only 3M people. 30 years later we're at 12M and the real number is probably closer to 20M. In other words, I advocate selective admission. No different from Australia or Canada.
YW GW - truth is king.....
Says the expert in not thinking things through...
I'll make a deal with you MacQ - If it can be proven that Juan didn't send any money back home, then he can get issued a temp visa. If it can be proven that Juan didn't aid and abet someone else getting into the country illegally he get issued a temp visa. Barring either of the two scenarios above, he goes back.
Glad to see you've come around from believing that nonsense about Dems and Repubs being the same.
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