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Or in a dark room "scratching" hard drives
I was going to say the "UN" part of unaffordable.....
LOL, what part of "affordable" doesn't little lowlow understand!
Well, if only that were let's see....who attacked who? Hmmm, toughie.....anti-semite.
LOL, lob over 1000 rockets and don't expect retaliation, correct anti-semite?
No fraud in Social Security too, right lowlow? Idiot
Phony argument - even Reagan was wrong there. 0bama is Never wrong though, right little lowlow?
It would only cost YOU $16000 before 0care kicks in....FORWARD!
They did it for 0care, dummy.....and you just admitted it.
I noticed the cowards didn't go to actual Jerusalem to do this. It's like those peacenik cowards that have the "Co-Exist" bumper sticker....they never drive their car where religions are NOT allowed to co-exist. Just in a place where religions are allowed to coexist....certainly no bravery in that.
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