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Where are the apologies from Lowlow, GK0 and all the other lefty troll dupes?
What are you doing to make sure they enforce the law?
Libby312 Wrote:20 mins ago (10:17 AM) but it was cool when Presidents Regan and Bush Sr did the same thing, right? Therein lies your problem Libby just know so much that isn't so. It is not the same thing. Get it?
Rat poison was never popular.....
Documented lie number 398 and 399......
No they didn't...that's a lie and you have no proof otherwise.
Taft, your constitutional lawyer in the presidency said it wasn't legal 22 times over the last two years. Stupid much?
Agreed - my point still stands :>)
Good move not addressing the issue Taft. Typical leftist - scared to defend their own results.
You mean 2 less US states.....
But not as close as 2015
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