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The old saying "so stupid only an academic can believe it" applies here.
Unless they're publically funded.....
Knowing the left, they will cower in fear once the people rebel.....give it a couple of years.....the calm before the storm.
Well said.... We actually didn't have to legislate this stuff back when people had morals and ethical monotheism.
A democrat supporter I know very well had shrieked to me that "I can't afford $6000" premiums when 0bamacare was passed. I told her to thank a Democrat. The cognitive dissonance was AWESOME.
Indeed - Democrats are very proud of failure
I call that the Mass - hole effect.......all these mass people come across the border because we don't have sales tax or income tax.....then they say "where are my freebies".....and then vote in Demonrats to resurrect the nightmare they left.....
Sure she reaches across the aisle....while at the same time giving 0bama a reach around....or was that Clinton? Tough to keep track of these Dems nowadays....
No one is doing anything wrong here so there's no lawsuit to be filed. However, she benefits from exposing her neighbor's right to carry as no one will bother her now...since she's protected by proximity. The beauty is that she doesn't even realize it.
Glad to see at least ONE Democrat embrace it will be her downfall.
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