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I see you live in a legalized marijuana state. Only someone stoned would think that 0bama has made us better off - another 10Trillion in the hole (3x Bush, btw) with 2 painful years to go. Unemployment has skyrocketed as measured by the skyrocketing number of part time jobs forced through 0bama's careless and destructive policies. Your rhetoric, Cam25 is tired and full of lies. Peddle those on HuffPo.
Daft, what did you think of Dan Rather? Yea, not Fox. Oh well, wishing it were true just doesn't make it so. Something you have yet to learn.
I have occasional disagreements with some of the judge's takes on issues. However, if this is true: ", in direct contravention of the Constitution, which requires warrants from judges." Then I'm with the judge - my last understanding was that these 'taps' were authorized by judges - if this is no longer the case, then we MUST revisit and fix the problem.
Maddow is just taking Dan Rather to a new level, that's all. Move along, nothing to see here.
Except they're doing the opposite....
Priceless, from the REAL party of NO.
Looks like the "great unifier" failed at that too. Oh, my poor country.
LOL, from the one trick pony rider.....your lack of self-awareness about 'hate' is breathtaking.
Another leftwing smear from a true believer. Throw it and see if it sticks. Not here fella......your lack evidence is all one needs to see.
""Imagine if we broke out of these tired old patterns," Obama said. "A better politics is one where we debate without demonizing each other," " As I've always said, the lack of self-awareness is breathtaking on the left.
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