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No they didn't...that's a lie and you have no proof otherwise.
Taft, your constitutional lawyer in the presidency said it wasn't legal 22 times over the last two years. Stupid much?
Agreed - my point still stands :>)
Good move not addressing the issue Taft. Typical leftist - scared to defend their own results.
You mean 2 less US states.....
But not as close as 2015
Thank you Mr. 0bama See you in 2015.
"Thousands of immigrant-rights activists" No one has problems with immigrant rights. So this organization is a sham. The issue is with ILLEGAL immigrants criminality. Why are Dems afraid/ashamed to actually name what they really believe? (Rhetorical, I know)
All options are on the table. 2015 is when they can happen. Unlike Democrats, we actually follow the law.
2015 is closer than you think Mr. 0bama.
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