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When You Hail Satan, He Arrives

kimosd1 Wrote: Jul 09, 2013 12:49 PM
The high priests at the supreme court essentially reinstated the sacrifices to Molec and Baal back in the early 70's. It has always been about light vs darkness.
I really feel for them.... Awwww. These people have been entrusted with our children. They, each and everyone has a higher duty than collecting a paycheck, and have a duty to speak out when they know that they are teaching with methods that do not work, ie Common Core. Our children "graduate" but can only read printing, not cursive, terrible spellers, poor punctuation, need a calculator to do basic math, have no idea what the declaration or constitution say. For many of us the largest portion of our property taxes goes to the schools and I don't think we're getting what we are paying for. Get the politics and the feds out of the schools, get back to teaching basics, never promote a child that has not mastered that grade level, otherwise you are just setting them up for failure in the competitive world that teachers in this article say they would rather not deal with.
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kimosd1 Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 2:22 PM
I think we have a chance to retake the Oval Office. The speech that Romney just gave had the fire that people want to see and generally laid out what Romney/Ryan will do. Like the old burger ad, "Where's the beef?", well, we just saw some. This is a smart man, timing is everything. Romney waited until he could see the whites of their eyes so to speak, knowing that if he started firing in March or April the ammo would be used up by now. This was how he became so successful in business, clear vision, great team, and good timing. Go get 'em Mitt!
Look at the young congressman talking facts and figures with confidence and clarity and then the contrast of the president. You can see by the look on his face... he dosen't have a clue what Ryan is saying and it is making him angry. Sitting next to Biden who obviously had no clue why they were even there at this dog and pony show pretending to actually care what the people think.
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