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Teachers union president brags about pushing Walker recall in schools

Kim D Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 11:20 PM
Seems to me that the regressive's actions are backfiring on them. Gov. Walker wins recall election in landslide by over 10%. I predict that unless the usurper does something to stop the general elections in November such as increasing the chaos and unrest in our cities, he will suffer the same humiliation that Walker's opponent is experiencing. Let's pray that the national mood remains calm and we can eliminate the power hungry parasites infecting our government come November. KimDillon
Anyone who claims that teachers unions exist to improve public education is misinformed or lying.

The unions have become blatantly political organizations that spend most of their time and resources trying to maintain their domination of public schools and school budgets. When an occassional reformer, like Wisconsion Gov. Scott Walker, comes along and questions their self-serving agendas, they turn into political assasination machines.

And they are not ashamed to use taxpayer-funded schools to push their agendas.

The latest evidence comes from Milwaukee Teachers Education Association President Bob Peterson, who boasted this week about his union's...