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Four More Years of Decline

Kimbery Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 12:12 PM
Ron Paul's foreign policy is woefully naive. Hitler didn't invade England hecause he considered Russia a bigger threat. Had he been smarter on the Eastern front he could have very easily won the war and the world. 90% of German casualties in World War 2 were at the hands of the Soviets.
Great nations and proud empires have always collapsed from within before they were conquered from without.

President Obama's re-election mirrors the self-indulgent, greedy and envious nation we are rapidly becoming.

Pollsters Michael Barone and Dick Morris got it horribly wrong. Both predicted a 300 electoral-vote win for Romney. It was President Obama who reached that mark.

The central message coming out of the election seems to be that we are no longer the America of our Founders, or even the America that existed during World War II, which produced our "greatest generation."

Instead, the election validates the...