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Yup, so ask yourself this: What about Obomao who has stated repeatedly that his father is a Kenyan? Why was he ever allowed to run?? Our Congress has allowed Our highest office to be Usurped and they are so power hungry they IGNORE this BLATANT FACT. If Romney chooses Rubio and ignores the fact that he isn't qualified (as McCain did with Obomao in 2008) we are doomed as a Nation.
Mr Towery, try doing some research....Rubio is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, therefore he CANNOT LEGALLY BE VICE PRESIDENT.
You couldn't possibly be that stupid.....ohh wait, your a Liberal, yes it is.
McCain never intended to win, Palin was the scapegoat to keep all eyes off of Obamao being ineligible for office.
Or....How about every time Biden opens his mouth, lmao!
Boenher needs to find his Cahones and stop golfing with Obomao!
That would be Paul Ryan!
Funny how your name is an oxymoron to begin with. The only thing a crumb is good for is sweeping it up and throwing it in the garbage where it belongs.
No more than Obomao being a Muslim POS.
Thank You for your apt description of Obomao.
I say "TILT. " you over a very high cliff and see if you can fly!
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