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Another teacher that needs to be fired.
So the Communist Broadcast System is at it again. Well if the Tea Party is like radical muslims then why don't you ever hear of the Tea Party setting off car bombs? You know that would be reported if it happened. So glad I gave up cable and don't pay for CBS NBC ABC BSNBC CNN
The President is a liar. A lot of us have known that for a long time. Finally some more are waking up. I called the WH comment line this morning to tell them I disapprove of him spending 100 million to go to Africa. Anyone else want to complain that phone number is 202 456 1111
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More to Learn about Lerner's Abuses

Kimberly04 Wrote: Jun 14, 2013 4:37 AM
Lerner is another lying democrat Nazi. She needs to be in jail.
Well except for the baby dies whereas most people survive flu shots/
Cummings is a Democrat, of course he was lying. And just imagine the outcry if the targeted group was black instead of tea party. The fact is the tea party had their constitutional rights violated and deserve to be paid. It also probably threw the election between suppressing of the vote and the dems normal election fraud.
Of course Obama objects to religion. He is an atheist who thinks he is the only opinion that there is.
No surprise. Democrats are all baby killing, god hating hypocrites
Elijah Cummings needs to be voted out. He's another Maxine Waters.
Obama is the 2nd coming of Hitler. This spying is not for terrorism, it is for who is talking against the dictator. Probably an IRS audit in my future.
But no doubt it would be perfectly fine to have Obama bumper stickers.
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