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Cheer Up: Four Reasons Why Obama May Lose Big in November

kimbergrl Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 11:51 AM
This is really sad. Let me guess, you think of yourself as openminded, yet your statements show you as an unabashed bigot. You are right, abortion is not going to disappear. However, the truth should be told about it. In most cases, the woman (and often the man) regret it for the rest of their lives. After all they killed their child. You are right, gays are not going to disappear (like we are told they have in Iran) nor do I want them to. I am merely resisting the effort to change a 10,000 year old definition of marriage. I am aware that all the enemies of the US will not be killed just as I know that murder and rape will continue to happen even though there are laws against it. That doesn't mean we should not fight for survival

Ever since former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney clinched the 2012 Republican presidential nomination last May, President Obama and his surrogates have waged a divisive and dishonest re-election campaign in order to distract voters from his failed record. To that end, they have spent millions of dollars on negative campaign advertisements suggesting the presumptive Republican nominee is, among other things, a “vulture capitalist," a “