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Jailed for Nonpayment of Child Support - But it's Not His Child

Kim D Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 11:16 AM
You don't have to be married to the woman. She says your the daddy then in the eyes of the law you are the daddy.
jdavis368 Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 11:43 AM
Other than what she wants, when she wants and how she wants? I even knew women who were planning their "first" marriage and at the same time calculating how many children she planned to have and how much in child support she would get five years down the road when she divorced her poor smuck. One woman stated that she wouldn't go out with a man who didn't make as much if not more money than she did. I asked her if I could use the same rules. When she said yes, I politely told her that based upon that criteria, she wasn't good enough for me as I made twice what she earned. She quickly responded, "Well that's different. This demonstrates just how the double standards work in our society.
jdavis368 Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 11:39 AM
In addition I did the yard work, fixed my own autos, remodeled my homes and decorated way beyond what most people do. I was told that sort of intimidated them..but even more importantly they didn't have a leg to stand on to justify their own selfish pursuits and the continual berating of "men in general" as the pat excuse. Sitting on the sidelines for well onto seventeen years I began to see how the social manipulations worked, and came to realize that in most cases the requirements for being a "good man" were How much money the guy makes, how much he can be manipulated into the mind game of equaling ONLY what the woman does. So, if the man is supposed to yield on all these fronts, just what is it that the woman is required to do?
jdavis368 Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 11:35 AM
I think that is why so many women flitted in and out of my life after my first wife passed away. I had three kids I was raising on my own and the amount of disdain that was aimed at me as much as if to say "how dare you" was amazing. Second, when they found out that I was Vas safe and there would be no more children ergo no social or financial leverage, and that for the first time they were on EQUAL FOOTING they became instantly uncomfortable and would generally leave. "Who's raising your kids?" "You just want some to raise your children" and then the typical argument of how the guy was supposed to do FIFTY percent of what the woman did, i.e. cook, clean etc...fell by the wayside. I was doing it all and working a ten hour a day career

The feminists have ratcheted up the laws against men to such an outrageous level that paternity fraud is not just ignored, but routinely rubber stamped by the courts. Whether one agrees with the concept of child support or not, virtually everyone can agree that jailing men for child support over children who are not theirs is morally wrong. Men are routinely sent to jail for falling behind on paying child support, even though debtors' prisons in the U.S. were mostly eliminated in the mid-nineteenth century.

The family courts and laws are set up in such a way that makes it very...