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Obama Kills Day 9 on Golf Course

Kim560 Wrote: Dec 29, 2014 12:33 PM
If you remember, they booed God during their national convention two years ago.
There are no Christian religions promoting a religious theocracy in America. The moral character, not the" political will", will determine the longevity of a country. Our moral conduct in America is very close to that of the Greek, Persian, and Roman Empires prior to their collapse. Man can not change God's law or believe it is discriminatory without suffering God's punishment.
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Who's Responsible?

Kim560 Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 4:19 PM
Throwing him in jail for tax evasion and removing his from Congress will go along way also.
Not always the case. Ronald Regan was not the establishment canidate in 1980. Bush senior was. If the American people vote using their logic and common sense we might find another Regan.
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There They Go Again

Kim560 Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 9:18 PM
If I witnessed a man die and 3 days later saw him alive I would believe he was a God. If this had not happened these 12 men would not have sealed their testimonies with their lives.
If you remember his district had 139% of their registered voters vote in the 2012 elections. What a fraud. Florida has no voter registration requirements. I'm sure half of Georgia's progressive democrats voted in the Florida election.
I bet this killer can't wait to be with his 72 virgin goats when he dies and goes to hell.
The cesspool of humanity resides in the mega cities of America. These mindless followers are controlled and manipulated by anarchists, progressive politicians and given a platform by the left wing media. As a percentage of Americans, they amount to less than .001 percent of the population. There political voice and demonstrations, unfortunately, are broadcasted into every home in America. Until we patriot Americans rise up and drown their voices the problem will get worst before it gets better.
The poll was made of ordinary Americans.
Sounds like your one of those useful idiots motivated by the MSM. Romney campaigned on closing the border fist before dealing with the illegals.
Last election the Democratic party and the MSM pummeled the electorate with lies about Mitt Romney. The low information voter believed their grap along with voter fraud and defeated him. Even though I don't believe all his positions, he is still the most qualified person in America for the job. He was right about all the positions on foreign policy that Obama and the MSM laughed at him about.
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