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Why not eliminate all unconstitutional taxes not included in the original Constitution. The country ran very well for 130 years without a corrupt income tax system. Lets eliminate all personal and corporate income tax.
The left gets away with it because the MSM does not tell the public whats going on. Remember every day we were told the body count in the Iraq war, not once have we heard about the escalating body count in the Afganistan war. More soldiers have been killed under the Obama administration than the Bush administration.
The government should fire all IRS employees who lost their emails including Lerner, and disallow any retirement benefits they are in titled to. That will teach them a good lesson. Where are the IRS "Whistle Blowers" when we need them? Are there no honest IRS officials?
Or a lying politician who deceived these low information voters. These people are easy to deceive with political lies and misinformation from the MSM.
I'm black and I dislike Obama because he is half white. Am I prejudice to?
No wonder the MSM has not been promoting this story. It doesn't satisy their naritive. If they told America it was a resource officer with a gun that limited the carnage the NRA point of view would be vindicated.
I'm sure the Republican establishment would rather have Brat's democratic opponent win in November rather than him. What a sad party.
Term Limits work with an informed electorate!!!!! Whose next?
Terms limits are built into the Constitution. 2 years Congressman, 4 years President, and 6 years Senators. The problem is an uninformed electorate. If the voting public stays uniformed and believes the lies their politicians tell term limits won't make a difference. Most likely the good ones will be replaced by bad ones. An informed electorate is the only answer to saving America.
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Rahm Emanuel Hates the Truth About Guns

Kim560 Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 9:19 AM
If Emmanuel's statement; that other States' gun laws are contributing to his city's crime and murder rate, then you would expect these other States should have the same if not higher murder and crime rates. This not being the case, means the people living in his city are responsible for his problem not guns.
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