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Chris Christie Won't Be At CPAC

Kim339 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 3:03 PM
Every one of you are sickening. You'd rather 'lose to Hilary'. Christie's too fat Christie is a Rino.... YOU are exactly the reason Obama is sitting in the White House today, making everyone miserable. EVERY thing he shoves down our throats the next four years is YOUR faults. Know why? Because his Democratic turnout was millions LESS than in 2008. But WE had MILLIONS of Libertarians who were too busy pouting about Ron Paul to vote WE had MILLIONS of evangelicals who refused to vote for a Mormon and WE had MILLIONS who refused to vote for a moderate. Cut your own noses off to spite your faces, because the person wasn't 'perfect' Pat yourselves on the back when you get Hilary
Bush/Gore Grades and SAT Scores (posted March 23, 2000) (Updated June 17, 2005) Confidential college transcripts and test scores obtained by the Washington Post reveal that neither presidential candidate, George W. Bush nor Al Gore, were shining students during their college days at Yale and Harvard, respectively. Although each earned respectable scores on the SAT college admissions test (a total of 1355 of 1600 for Gore and 1206 for Bush), neither did that well in their college courses. Both earned a mix of B and C grades. Gore's lowest grade of D came in a natural sciences course, while his top grades were an A in French and English, an A in Visual and Environmental Studies, and an A- in Social Relations. Bush's lowest marks were a 70 (
Actually, the amount they are paid is nothing compared to business executives, so no. However, all their 'free' handouts, perks, benefits and massive pensions? Get rid of every single one.
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