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Unemployment Set to Explode

Kiffur Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 3:56 PM
Unfortunately, there will be. I live in NYC and - also unfortunately - know very few conservatives, or even independents. And no matter how often I disagree with their political views (politely, of course; my mama didn't raise me to be a poltroon like VP Biden!) I can't make a dint. They accept completely the talking points they get from the NYTimes, MSNBC, and the major networks. What I say HAS to be wrong because it's right-wing extremism. *sigh*

Now that the average price of gasoline in the United States is clocking in at all-time record levels for this time of year, especially in California, what effect will that factor have upon the official U.S. unemployment rate, which just clocked in at its lowest level since early 2009?

Unfortunately, that's the wrong question to be asking today, because it takes roughly two years for a major change in the price...