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The Second Debate - Post-Game

Kiffur Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 5:35 AM
Actually, there still is a male/female pay gap, and one of the prime examples of this "nonsense" exists in the White House itself. Seems POTUS's female staff members are paid MARKEDLY less than their male counterparts. Oh, yeah, and this pay scale difference was apparent even with his senatorial staff. Hmmm. Considering how Governor Romney actively sought/seeks competent female aides, kinda makes you wonder just who's responsible for the "war on women", don'cha think????

Short answer: Obama rebounded strongly in this debate. Romney was prepared and did as well as he did in the first one, but Obama's performance was so much better than last time, he gets the win.

Mitt Romney got the first question (from a college student asking about the availability of a job after he graduates). He walked over to "Jeremy" and spoke directly to him. Barack Obama also walked to the student and used the answer to attack Romney on wanting to "bankrupt Detroit."

Candy Crowley busted the rules right off the bat by...