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the democrats don't MANAGE to do that,regardless if he is a good man or a bad man they vote THE PARTY no matter what,obama is destroying this country little by little and people are still supporting him either because he is black,popular or democrat,I would have voted for jerry lewis before I would vote for obama
voting for the man and NOT THE PARTY is the way to vote but unfortunately that will divide the conservative vote and we lose to the democrats
Republicans are fighting 1/2 of congress,all of the senate and all of the white house,republicans stand for conservative policies,policies that will bring jobs back,companies back to the states,what has the democratic party given us,obamacare which will cost a family of 5 $20,000 a year,higher taxes,more government control,more government jobs,they've armed the enemy(egypt) with our tax dollars,NO BUDGET in 4 years,out of control spending,bad foreign relations,innocent Americans being killed in benghazi and on the border,FAST&FURIOUS,an enemy of Israel in Hagel and an islamist in brenan,more illegal amnesty,no secure borders,no illegal deportations,eric holder as head of the DOJ,Napalitano as head of DHS and of course,a MUSLIUM in the white
obama believes he owes NO ONE AN EXPLANATION for what he is doing and that is "arming the enemy" to attack the U.S. and ALL THE DEMOCRATS are supporting him
assault style weapons are used by civilians for protection against gangs,thieves,rapists,murderers,third world countries and since obama OUR OWN GOVERNMENT."Assault weapons are used by the police and the military and are "Fully automatic" only law enforcement and the government can own fully automatic weapons,in the 2nd amendment it says "protection against the tyranny of the government",when obama decides to try and take our guns we will need assault style weapons to protect ourselves,obama will be sending "troop'S" to confiscate them,"troops is plural meaning more than one and no less than 20 or 30 to each home to collect your protection,most handguns can load only 8 shells,according to obamas law,with an assault style weapon with a 20 ro
I would tell the gun manufacturerers to move their businesses to texas or florida where they would be welcomed and texas banks would give them the credit they would need to survive this social path of obama
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Girls With Guns

kid721952 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 4:13 PM
If more women were armed there would be less rapes,less abuses,more respect for women,what makes a man better than a women besides if obama takes our guns women will have to deal with "sharia law",slavery,no rights,no education,no jobs,killed if they dishonor the family decided by the man,EVERYBODY NEEDS TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FREEDOM
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