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Iraq is on the Verge of Falling Apart

kicksychick Wrote: Oct 31, 2013 9:41 PM
I agree! So sick of these fabricated excuses for Obama's failures. We won that war--& it cost us plenty. Iraq was not stabilized enough to be cut loose--but as usual, Obama wanted the political points that 'ending the war' would give him b/c everything is all about him. Our son survived 3 tours in Iraq, but some of his friends didn't. As far as I'm concerned, Obama is no Commander in Chief.
I thought the buck stops with Oblamo...isn't he supposed to be the one in charge?
Why wait to pass any bill? Obama is hamstringing border patrol agents--he's already imposing his own version of amnesty. Move on up, Mexico--we don't have enough problems already.
How dare those GOP upstarts show up just when the Obama admin. was convinced we'd have amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, strict gun control & a debt ceiling so high most of us couldn't write the number all wrapped up here in America by now!
Obama wasn't getting the hatred for the GOP that he desired from his he came up with a perfect plan: shut down EBT cards just long enough to get their attention--& did it ever get their attention! Of course, you put out the word it was just a glitch & the MsM will back that claim up--no questions asked.
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Reminder: Yes, Media Bias Does Exist

kicksychick Wrote: Oct 12, 2013 9:40 AM
And media bias is a very powerful tool of the evil left--it got the most underserving man in American history elected president.
I was mistaken when I thought this was a conservative site.
"We can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy" said the kettle to the pot. He really depends on the ignorance of the American people...&, sadly, there's plenty of it.
Alrighty, then...a perfect time to introduce Common Core, so we can have a more universally stupid populace than we have now--along with a mammoth increase in the number of indoctrinated, dimwitted democrat voters. YEAH!
Ted Cruz is proving he cares more about what's best for the American people than those who oppose him for political reasons, alone.
Just because he was once stationed in Texas does not make him a TEXAS man, does it? He's from New York City.
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