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Standing for principle is not unchristian. This company caved to the LGBT mafia...& a man, whose only crime was disagreeing with this 'mafia' on what the definition of marriage should be, was forced out of a very lucrative job. That is just wrong. The best email address I could find to give Mozilla my opinion is: press@mozilla.com
It sounds like he expected the Army to do more to take care of his needs--maybe he joined for the wrong reasons. I'm sorry about his sister being killed in Afghanistan & the loss of his mother...but the majority of these shooters pick gun-free zones; & seem to believe that life is just not giving them their due. Sadly, we'll likely see a lot more of this mentality developing--thanks to Obama's 8 yrs. of spewing his victimization messages.
Says the master of shrunken opportunity! What a hypocrite!
Schumer, you schmutz, if we've reached the point of ordering border agents to run & hide when illegals throw rocks at them, we've already GOT lawless borders!
So obvious that the liberal media got the memo to protect Obama's political image on this latest announcement. In print & on air, it is being consistently referred to as "Hagel's plan."
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MSNBC Host: God Loves Obamacare

kicksychick Wrote: Dec 07, 2013 5:11 PM
Ask ol' Ed to show us where, in the Bible, Jesus commanded us to allow the king/government to force us to spread the wealth. Charity only counts when it's given from the heart, Ed.
Those pushing for more lenient immigration laws are the very ones who profit the most from illegal immigration: the Catholic church for more members; democrats for more voters; businesses for more cheap laborers; & a president who is bent on restructuring a nation he was brainwashed into believing was unacceptable in its present state. Leaving the rest of us to endure: more increased drain on our economy & public educational systems; more urban blight & crime; more crowded waiting rooms & highways; and more erosion of our culture.
He waited till his 2nd term to reveal the true Obama. This may be the move that finally forces Israel to act.
Davis just wants to make sure she gets elected by lying her way into office...hey, it worked for Obama!
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Iraq is on the Verge of Falling Apart

kicksychick Wrote: Oct 31, 2013 9:41 PM
I agree! So sick of these fabricated excuses for Obama's failures. We won that war--& it cost us plenty. Iraq was not stabilized enough to be cut loose--but as usual, Obama wanted the political points that 'ending the war' would give him b/c everything is all about him. Our son survived 3 tours in Iraq, but some of his friends didn't. As far as I'm concerned, Obama is no Commander in Chief.
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