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But don't think they, those in government, are done. They'll be back, using some other trumped up excuse, with more "rulings" from leash dog judges, as their "justification" for whatever they plan to do. And don't forget their minions in the various unions, ACORN or OFA offices, or brain-dead students who have been told they can "make a difference". We can no longer assume that a "victory" is final.
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The Lesson of Dunkirk

Kicker2 Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 8:34 AM
Mr. Sowell is exactly right..... if you have a leadership who will fight when the odds are better. The problem Conservatives face right now is that Republican Establishment politicians won't fight now, or anytime in the future. They like things the way they are, and are not going to upset the apple cart by doing something strange, like limiting government, should they find themselves in power. The tactics of Cruz and other staunch Conservatives aren't aimed so much at defeating Democrats today as they are at displacing the Republican leadership, so we have people who will fight tomorrow, when the odds of winning are better. Britain didn't defeat Germany with Chamberlain.... they kicked him out and put Churchill into office. Cruz is working to help find a "Churchill" for Conservatives!!
Interesting. So, Huckabee shouldn't run because religious bigots (and I include atheists in that group) won't support him. Seems like an excellent reason to run, and start with the slogan, "Don't be a bigot, Support Huckabee". And anyone who says a single word against Huckabee should be labeled, loudly and repeatedly, as a bigot. (And no, the truth doesn't matter. This is politics and such a claim is just as valid as those used by those who would attack Huckabee for his Christianity)
People who support other tax systems, like the VAT, the Flat Income Tax, or Financial Transaction Taxes, often attack the FairTax because they realize it is the one tax reform proposal that is "ready to go", with research to support it, some members of Congress already supporting it, and a broad base of support with the public. It isn't that they dislike the FairTax..... they fear it!!
You're absolutely right about spending, but one of the problems is that Congress has been too successful at "hiding" all the money they take through a maze of taxation. One of the advantages of the FairTax is that is puts all the taxes in one place, on the retail sales receipt, so the public can see exactly what is being taken from them. The expectation is that once people know how much they are losing to the federal government, they will be more motivated to punish politicians that are spending so much. This will be particularly true for the poor since, under the current system, they pay a bevy of "hidden" taxes without knowing it. Under the FairTax, they'll see them and, I expect, get very angry!!
Mr. Adler is reaching way out into fantasy land in order to try and support his irrational antipathy towards the FairTax. Trying to link Obamacare, with over 2,000 pages of legislation, to the FairTax, with less than 150, is quite a stretch. And, unlike the Obamacare, with the FairTax, you'll know exactly what to expect. Not only because it is so simple, but because supporters of the FairTax spent more than $25 million studying the potential effects of the FairTax before it was even proposed. Research that is free and open to the public. Mr. Adler seems quite focused on the concept of the Prebate as a potential "entitlement", and that isn't totally unreasonable. But what he is missing is the fundamental change in the relationship between the federal government and the People embodied in the FairTax. The Prebate, as a refund of all taxes paid on purchases below the poverty level, actualizes the fundamental concept that People come before government. That individuals have the right, and responsibility, to take care of themselves before government bureaucrats and politicians start taking their wages and wealth. This is a scary concept for many, and quite different from normal power grabbing by government. The FairTax, and the Prebate, actually empower individuals over government. A simple, but radical idea, and one Mr. Adler should be considering before he reflexively disparages it.
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Inhospitable Earth -- Compared to What?

Kicker2 Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 10:14 AM
I have to disagree here. Many, if not most, leaders have doomed millions of their subjects for crackpot ideas. The environmental variety just seems to be the latest variation. Part of the pathology is that most leaders see their people as useless drones placed on earth for their pleasure/benefit. Others see themselves as "remaking" the world, and if a few "little people" have to die in order for them to make their mark on history, it is a price they are willing to pay.
There are better ways of collecting the funds necessary for the essential functions of government. Having an unelected, unaccountable, agency, with the unrestrained power to destroy the lives and businesses of Americans who they, and they alone, judge to have erred bad for Americans and, ultimately, bad for our Nation. The FairTax, for instance, eliminates the IRS, but still collects as much as the current system. Check it out at www.ohfairtax.org
Mr. Mitchell is quite correct, as far as he went, but misses a couple of critical points. It is true that simple incompetent, wasteful, brainless, protectionist, employees could explain the actions of the IRS with respect to Conservative groups. But even if, in this case, this is the source, it simply demonstrates how easy it is for an agency the size of the IRS to trample the rights of average Americans. Just think how much worse it will be if such employees are controlled by politicians who WANT to use them as a tool of political repression. We must take firm, and effective action to prevent such a fate from being realized in an ever more politicized Washington!! Second, the flat tax is an improvement over what we have now, but it doesn't attack the source of our problems, nor can it be depended upon to keep control of the IRS for long. There is only one tax reform proposal that does that, The FairTax. Under the FairTax, the IRS is essentially eliminated, it's power returned to the individual States, and it's ability to persecute law-abiding Americans destroyed. Mr. Mitchell is laudable for wanting to treat a symptom, but we need to cure the problem. The FairTax does!!!
John has hit it on the head!!! Progressives are using "climate change" as an excuse to keep energy prices high, thereby impoverishing much of the world's population. This keeps them in power and allows them to enrich themselves and their crony friends. Cheap energy would really mess that up, and they will do everything they can to stop it. It is also why Progressives hate the FairTax. It helps low and middle class families to get out of debt and escape the bonds of economic slavery in which they are now trapped. It would also create about 10 million jobs. Right now, we have about 15 million unemployed. Between frickin frackin, and the FairTax, we could put every single one of them to work!!
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