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Immigration Reform Plan is a Farce

Kibitzer Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 5:42 PM
So your solution is to split the vote so that the liberal/progressives/democrats will win most if not all future elections. With your plan they would not need a majority of the vote, but merely a plurality. With essentially a two party system it generally takes over 50% of the vote to win, but with a three party system, it could take as little as 35% of the vote to win. Your plan would split the non-democrat vote while leaving the democrat vote intact. The DNC would love to have your plan go into effect.

PARIS -- A bipartisan group of senators has just lit a soggy fuse under the immigration debate. The statement of principles tabled by four senators from each party is such an impotent byproduct of compromise that calling it bipartisan is redundant. This manifesto of mediocrity fails to address the biggest immigration problems facing America -- starting with the question of "Why?"

Does anyone ever ask WHY there are so many illegal immigrants in America? While it's understandable that foreign citizens want to come to America for the great opportunities, why do so many of them insist on doing it illegally? Maybe...