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No Admittance: The Boehner-Obama Show Goes On

Kibitzer Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 1:19 PM
My prediction is that at the proverbial last minute a deal will be struck that raises tax rates on some group of upper income taxpayers, That is the best that Boehner is going to be able to get given that under existing law tax rates will go up for all tax payers, and Obama and the Senate democrats will not accept any deal that doesn't raise the rates for the "rich". I'm not at all certain that it might be better for the long term if no deal is made and all rates go up. That would get us out of the annual or biannual fiscal crisis caused by temporary rates. There is of course a short term down side to this, but it would provide a degree of certainty that would allow businesses to make longer range plans.

Thank you, John Boozman. He's the Republican senator from Arkansas who now has "explained" why the president and speaker of the House need to keep their conversations secret -- excuse me, Confidential, to use the current term of art.

Sen. Boozman says the two negotiators need to conduct the public's business in private to avoid any pressure from outside lobbying groups. The senator felt no need to mention that the biggest such group is the American people, who have been known to have a multitude of ideas of their own, and no hesitation about expressing them, aka lobbying for them.